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Steven Slater Gay American Folk Hero Day 2: Slaters First Associated Press Interview, Slater Folk Songs, Slater Animations, and Slater Tee Shirts! – IT’S SLATERMANIA!

In a little over 24 hours openly gay 38 year old Steven Slater has become an American Folk Hero and famous worldwide.  Literally hundreds of thousands have voiced thier support for him.  people have written songs, printed “FREE STEVEN SLATER” T-Shirts.  Clebrities have Twittered, even Japanese Television has done a computer animation of Slaters breakin point and chuting off of his Jet Blue Airlines Job.

He’s lived the dream that everyone wants to do.  To tell all the ungrateful people you work for and with FUCK YOU!


*After the jump watch Slaters FIRST Interview with Associated Press, WATCH the Japanese News computer animation recrationb.  Listern to the NEW Song. “The Ballad of Steven Slater – FUCK YOU ALL!”  and MORE!  (Just click “Read more…..” below)