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Over 100 Anti-LGBT Bills Introduced into State Legislatures So Far In 2023

Montreal’s Gay Village Erases The “Gay”

Montreal’s famous LGBT neighborhood, known around the world as Le Village Gai (The Gay Village), wants to drop “gay” from it’s name.

On Wednesday, the neighborhood business association that represents more than 250 businesses in the neighborhood wrote on it’s Instagram page that from now on, the area wants to be known by a more inclusive — if slightly more generic — name. So from now on, the LGBTQ neighborhood in Canada’s second-largest city, Quebec, will be simply known as “the Village of Montreal, the largest 2SLGBTQ + village in the WORLD!”

By dropping the “gay” from its name, the association wants the area to reflect a more inclusive view of different nuances of sexual orientations and gender identities.

Said longtime gay rights activist Jacob Carter: “Erasing Gay visibility after decades of hard work is one truly fucked up notion of ‘progress.’ We don’t have to go back in the closet.”

Montréal’s Gay Village gets its name from gay businessman Bernard Rousseau, who in 1984 opened the “Cinéma du Village” porn theatre, which today is the Le National concert venue (1220 Sainte-Catherine Street East).

Provincetown Chamber of Commerce Accused of Straightwashing Promo Video

Provincetown Chamber of Commerce Accused of Straightwashing Promo Video

Provincetown Chamber of Commerce Accused of Straightwashing Promo Video

A promotional campaign launched by the Provincetown Chamber of Commerce last week, at the start of Pride Month has come under fire by some in the LGBT community accusing it of straight-washing.

The two-minute advert, “Fall in love with Provincetown” spotlights  the town’s active nightlife.  It shows the candy shops with homemade taffy and highlights the artists who inhabit the small town at the tip of Cape Cod. But there is no mention of mention of the seaport town’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community.

 “I would have expected that a progressive town in a progressive state would go out of its way to highlight its diversity,” said  Megan Wulff, a frequent Provincetown visitor “I have been vacationing in Provincetown since I was a little girl, and this is the first time I will feel less than welcome there.”

 Candice Collins-Boden, the chamber’s executive director, said the organization didn’t intentionally misrepresent and that there were more videos to come.

We kind of made this video as more of a tease for basically the Fourth of July coming up,” she said. “There was no intention of leaving anybody out. We figured everybody is an American down here, and we are all under that flag.”

Collins-Boden, who has lived in P-town for 40 years, said she was shocked by the negative responses.

The chamber plans to put out a second video this summer with a focus on events like “Bear Week,” the Portuguese Festival, and Carnival, she said.

But many noticed that the video and the absence of the gay community of P-town.  The same community that changed it from a poor sleepy fishing village to the mecca it is today.

“I actually have never spent time in Provincetown. . . . And given the erasure of LGBTQ identities as well as people of color in this video, I don’t think I’m in any rush to do so now,” wrote Mason Dunn on the chambers Facebook page. “Going out of your way to exclude one of P-town’s largest, most well-known demographics, the people who help make the town what it is, is a bad reflection on the chamber.”

You can watch the video below.


Bisexual Dating Site Erases Thousands of Gay and Lesbian Profiles. Oh The Humanity!‏

Bisexual Fish

The leading bisexual dating site BisexualFish.com has removed thousands of gay and lesbian profiles because it has decided that it will not allow gays and lesbians to be part of their dating community.

“We want to reiterate that our service is only for people who are attracted to both men and women,” said Marshall, founder of BisexualFish.com. “We just want to provide a place where everyone has the same orientation”

Unlike any other dating sites, BisexualFish.com doesn’t allow its members to select their “orientation”. The only option is for “bisexuals” to meet “bisexuals”, which means if you’re a member, you could only be bisexual.

“This isn’t about discrimination at all. As part of the LGBT community, we certainly know what it’s like to be prejudiced and no one wants feeling.” Marshall added, “However, we want to create a more dedicated platform for our members. I’m sure there are services that are for gay and lesbian only, where gay and lesbian will have a much bigger chance to meet that one.”

According to Marshall, any profile that claims to be homosexual will be deleted. “We will notify the member that BisexualFish.com isn’t a gay or lesbian dating site when we delete their profiles. We wish them all the best on other gay or lesbian dating sites.” said Marshall. 

Talk about erasure!

SOURCE - prweb.com

Newspapers Prefer Lesbians. More Likely To Use Lesbian Photos Over Gay Men In News Stories

wife and wife


Bloomberg Politics is reporting that after Mondays news about the Supreme Court clearing  the way for gay marriages to begin immediately in Indiana, Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia, and Wisconsin. Same-sex couples rushed to the courthouse to exchange vows. On Tuesday, t they looked at the dozens of front pages newspapers in those states archived by the Newseum to see what photos the papers chose. And the the majority overwhelming chose pictures of lesbian same sex marriages over those of male.

*Newspapers that used lesbian same sex marriages in photos – 29

*Newspapers that used male same sex marriages in photos – 3

*Newspapers that split the difference and used both gay and lesbian same sex marriage photos – 3

Its gay male erasure I tell you! 

You can check out all the newspaper front pages HERE