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Reed Cowan and Dustin Lance Black Team Up To Make A Documentary About Anti-Gay Bullying

Reed Cowan writer-director of the film 8: The Morman Propo$ition, along with Dustin Lance Black  (Oscar-winning screenwriter for Milk) and Charles Robbins (Executive Director of The Trevor Project) on a documentary-style film. on the recent rash of Anti-gay bullying.

Via Greg In Hollywood:

“It’s going to be made for television on this recent rash of suicides and trying to get this talked about,” he said. “This was the official meeting and now we’re going to start pitching it to networks. It will be documentary style.”

Cowan offered these details: “The film will start out inside the call center of The Trevor Project which gets some 30,000 crisis phone calls a year. So the film will start out there and we will profile some of the young people who called in crisis. Whether they called with a bottle of pills in their hands, a gun to their head, a noose in one hand ready to put it around their necks. We are going to give that pain a voice, we’re going to turn it into some purpose because this is a teachable moment in our world.”

Cowan ssays that the film has no working title yet but he will be the director and that they will do their best to get the documentary out quickly as they can.

Coudersport, Pennsylvania Bigots Gather To Spread Hate and Violence Towords The LGBT Community After Screening Of Joe Wilson’s Documentary "Out In Silence" (Video)

This is so disturbing that I literally shaking as I write this.

Joe Wilson’s documentary “Out In Silence” which takes a look at what it’s like to be LGBT in asmall rural Pennsylvania town . Was crested by hatred, bigotry and talk of LGBT violence by a group of Christomaniac homophobic bigots at Coudersport, Pennsylvania’s public library  (Wilson’s subject was Oil City, PA, his hometown, two hours away not Coudersport, PA)

Joe Wilson had  screened Out in the Silence Coudersport, PA a month before the presentation you’re about to see here, to a standing room only crowd and faced fierce opposition from the local Tea Party and Dr. Robert Wagner, who in the video presents his “A Bible Believing Christian’s Response to OUT IN THE SILENCE.  Sitting next to him is Diane Gramley, President of the Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Family Association, and a resident of Oil City who plays a central role in Wilson’s film for opposing Wilson and his partner’s same-sex marriage announcement in the local paper.

“I’m gonna put a ball bat in my car, and if I ever see a guy (transgender individual) coming out of a bathroom that my granddaughter’s in, I’m gonna use the ball bat on him…In the good old days, before ‘she-males’ existed, they just called such people perverts.” – Robert Wagner

The video below is shocking and disturbing and just proves the hatred and small mindedness that exists in small towns and gets worse everyday that our rights hang in the balance

Joe Wilson is very courageous and reasonable in the face of a room of white fundamentalist bigots who have no interest in any opinions other than their holier than thou religion entrenched hate.

Because I for one would have taken a bat to Robert Wagner’s face thats how furious this has made me.