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Cincinnati Man Beaten Unconscious and Robbed, FOX News Affiliate Leaves Out That Its A Gay Crime


Cincinnati, OH FOX news affiliate FOX19 is reporting that police are searching for three suspects accused of knocking a man unconscious with an iron before robbing him. But what they are not reporting that this is potentially a gay hate crime.

“According to authorities, the victim met the three men at Shooters, a bar located on Race Street downtown, on February 11th. From the bar, they all went back to the victim’s home to hang out and drink, sometime after 8 p.m.

That’s when the three suspects reportedly hit the victim in the back of the head several times with an iron. Police say the he attempted to fight them off but was knocked unconscious.

The three men then ransacked his apartment and took several items.”

The bar in question Shooters is a gay country and western bar, one of the few gay bars located in downtown Cininnati and one of the best known.

While it should be any surprise to no one that a FOX affiliate would straight-wash a news story the  fact is that  its a common problem in Cinci-nasty and other parts of the midwest.

If you don’t talk about gay people, they don’t exist.



Gay Panic Defense Being Used In Murder Of 18 Year-Old Texas Student Joshua Wilkerson

Texas police have offcially charged a 19 year-old student Hermillio Morales with murder after he led investigators to the beaten and burned body of 18 year-old fellow student Joshua Wilkerson (left). The suspect claims the pair fought after Wilkerson made sexual advances on him.

Moralez, beat Joshua Wilkerson to death with a large wooden object sometime Tuesday afternoon, according to court records from Brazoria County. The 19-year-old then burned the teenager’s body. Moralez told investigators Wilkerson gave him a ride in his truck after school and sometime later, the victim “began to come on to him in a sexual manner,” according to a probable cause document. Moralez said he hit Wilkerson and the two got out of his truck and fought. Moralez was previously a person of interest in the investigation when he was seen loitering in the area of Joshua Wilkerson’s abandoned vehicle, according to a Pearland Police Department statement.

Yet another manifestation of the implicit permission to harm found in anti-gay rhetoric.

Oh and while leading police toi the body, Moralez attempted to grab a gun from the holster of a detective and escape.

CLICK HERE to watch the ABC-13 Video News Report

Waiter Stabbed Because He Was Gay In Santa Maria, CA

A waiter who worked at a Denny’s was stabbed early Thursday morning after Curtis Martin, 24 ,(pictured left and looking every bit like a skinhead) knocked on the closed Santa Maria restaurant window and asked to use the restroom. He was let in and approached a table of employees and asked the victim if he was gay.

After the victim said he was gay, Martin began stabbing him in the neck and throat.using a knife he had brought with him,

Martin ran to his vehicle and was seen fleeing the scene westbound on Main Street, police said. His vehicle was located a short time later and Martin was arrested and booked for attempted murder and committing a hate crime

The victim was transported to Marian Medical Center by ambulance for treatment. The injuries were not life-threatening and he’s expected to fully recover.

What a crappy insane country we live in and the longer they drag out granting us full and equal rights there will be more hatred and violence from the other side.

22 Year Old Luke Stevens Of Lincoln, NE To Face Hate Crime Charges

Luke Stevens, 22, (pictured left) was arrested Thursday when a police officer saw Steven’s punch a 32-year-old man outside him punch a 32-year-old man outside Club Q the ONLY “gay bar” in Lincoln Nebraska.

Witnesses and the victim told police Stevens yelled derogatory terms about his sexual orientation before he hitting him, Stevens had been in the gay bar with a friend Thursday night and police believe he got upset after a woman turned him down.

Police officer chased Stevens briefly after witnessing the punch, took him to the ground and handcuffed him. He was arrested on suspicion of third-degree assault, resisting arrest and failure to comply.  Under Nebraska law, penalties can be enhanced if a person is convicted of committing certain offenses because of the victim’s “race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, or disability

Lincoln police have classified 16 incidents as hate crimes.