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Gay West Virginia Coal Miner Sam Hall Stands Up For LGBT Anti-Discrimination Laws – STAND WITH SAM!

Speaking at a press conference, Sam Hall (pictured left) a gay West Virginia coal miner called on the WV Legislature to add sexual orientation to state anti-discrimination laws Monday

.Hall recounted a litany of verbal abuse, threats and vandalism he alleges occurred while he worked for Massey Energy Co. Hall filed a lawsuit against a Massey subsidiary and one of its officials last year.

“If the labor laws would have been amended earlier to contain sexual orientation discrimination, myself as well as other gay West Virginians would have not to endure such demeaning and inexcusable behavior,” Hall said. “Why, as West Virginians, do you allow this type of behavior and harassment to occur and then go unpunished?”

The West Virginia Family Foundation  (a tax exempt  501(c)(4) of course) that calls itself an “official affilaite” of the recognized anti-gay hate group the American Family Association Presidents Kevin McCoy said this in a statement:

“What we have witnessed here today is a brazen and open promotion of the deviant behavior and lifestyle of homosexuality by elected leaders. These bills will require acceptance of homosexuality to be taught in West Virginia’s public schools.”

Oh God forbid that acceptance and tolerance of others who are different be taught in schools! The catastrophe that would bring!

Acting Senate President Jeff Kessler, D-Marshall, and Delegate Barbara Fleischauer, D-Monongalia, joined Hall and dozens of supporters chanting “Stand with Sam.” Kessler, the chief sponsor of a measure that would add sexual orientation to discrimination laws in the Senate, is running for governor this year.and calls the legislation “a clear recognition that in this state all men and all women are created equal and have an opportunity to succeed and be happy if they play by the rules.”

As for McCoy and the Christomaniac loons of the The West Virginia Family Foundation Fleischauerdoesn’t blink in her criticism.  “As I recall, the Bible was used to justify slavery. The Bible was used to justify control over women by their husbands,” she said. “Opposing this law means that you are for discrimination.”