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Republican's 2020 Anti-LGBT Platform Pushed by the Family Research Council and Eagle Forum

FRC Hate Group Pres. Tony Perkins Has Meltdown Over DNC Platform: “Gays win; Christians lose.”

Tony Perkins


Little Tony is very upset.  And no one has a single fuck to give

Common sense isn’t the only thing that fell by the wayside in the DNC platform — so did religious liberty. America’s first freedom didn’t make the cut in what everyone agrees is the most radical document of the party’s history. In order to make room for its outrageous LGBT agenda, the DNC is admitting what they’ve implied since Chai Feldblum: religious liberty is incompatible with sexual liberalism.

The president’s former head of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). In the effort to find balance between special rights and religious liberty, Feldblum had an interesting solution: “Gays win; Christians lose.” I have a hard time, she famously said, “coming up with any case in which religious liberty should win.”

Now, after years of phony soundbites about coexistence and compromise, the president’s party openly agrees. And while they can’t take an eraser to the Constitution, they have taken it to their guiding document, scrubbing it of the First Amendment’s most basic protections.

During this week’s events, liberals weren’t even feigning attempts at middle ground in their latest push for genderless bathrooms, special treatment for transgenders, gay sex-ed curriculum, gay history, and more. Instead, the mask came off, and Americans finally saw the ideology for what it is: fiercely and proudly intolerant.

During one session, when scenarios about Christian bakers, florists, and business owners came up, the ACLU refused to offer even a fig leaf of conscience protections. “Does someone’s religion trump my freedom,” an attendee asked? According to World magazine’s Jamie Dean, the group’s James Esseks replied, “My answer to that question is no.” Then, providing a glimpse into the battles already being fought, he bragged, “We’re working on keeping those laws from happening in the first place.”

When Congressman Jared Polis (D-Colo.), who identifies as gay, suggested there may be room to accommodate men and women of faith, it was treated like blaspheme. A spokesman for the pro-LGBT Gill Foundation quickly interjected: “I want to be careful that we don’t say there is a kind of balance between equality and religious freedom.”

Now that liberals have gotten what they wanted out of same-sex marriage, there’s no point in hiding the rest of the agenda — which, unfortunately, too many Americans never saw coming. – Tony Per-KKK-ins

Tony our tears… They’re so salty and delicious.