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NOM’s Brian Brown(shirt): The Tide (And the BIG FAT Worm) Has Turned

Brian Brown

 After the Supreme Courts continuance of Virginia’s stay holding back the ceremonies of same sex marriage in that state until SCOTUS deems fit to rule on it.  national Organization for Marriage hate group leader Brian Brown, seized the opportunity in a money beg as to help keep his half-million dollar hate salary rolling in.

“After winning many lawsuits in lower federal courts presided over by hand-picked, liberal, activist judges, the momentum behind the marriage redefinition agenda is waning. Remember, in addition to the Supreme Court’s intervention in Utah and Virginia, federal judges in states like Wisconsin are taking notice and issuing stays on their own decisions to allow the legal process to play out. Much, much more importantly, we recently won a case at the lower level in Tennessee! You might not know about it because the media is doing everything it can to ignore the facts. The rush to judgment declaring marriage to be unconstitutional is not only premature — it’s flat out wrong! Won’t you please give a generous donation today to help NOM continue fighting to defend marriage and the faith communities that sustain it?” 

Ooopsy daisy Bri-bri.  Looks like that pesky tide in Florida has just turned  back!