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Former KKK Grand Wizard and Tony Perkin’s BFF David Duke Announces Run For US Senate

Former KKK Grand Wizard and Tony Perkin's BFF David Duke Announces Run For US Senate


The Hill reports:

“Former” Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke is launching a run for a U.S. Senate seat in Louisiana, he announced Friday. “After the great outpouring of overwhelming support, I’m proud to announce my candidacy for United States Senate,” Duke said in a video on his YouTube page.

“I believe in equal rights for all and respect for all Americans. However, what makes me different is I also demand respect for the rights and the heritage of European Americans,” he added.

“I passed the only bill in American forbidding affirmative action programs that racially discriminated against the best qualified.” Duke unsuccessfully ran for the Senate, House and governor of Louisiana during the 1990s.

Duke is a former one-term Republican Louisiana State Representative, he was a candidate in the Democratic presidential primaries in 1988 and the Republican presidential primaries in 1992. Duke unsuccessfully ran for the Louisiana State Senate, United States Senate, United States House of Representatives, and Governor of Louisiana. Duke is a felon, having pleaded guilty to defrauding supporters by falsely claiming to be impoverished and in danger of losing his home in order to solicit emergency donations; at the time, Duke was financially secure, and used the donations for recreational gambling.

Duke describes himself as a “racial realist,” asserting that “all people have a basic human right to preserve their own heritage.” Duke also speaks against what he describes as Jewish control of the Federal Reserve Bank, the U.S. federal government and the media. Duke supports the preservation of what he considers to beWestern culture and traditionalist Christian family values, Constitutionalism, abolition of the Internal Revenue Service, voluntary racial segregation, anti-communism and white separatism.

And for those of you who don’t know.  Tony Perkins in 1996 while managing the unsuccessful U. S. Senate campaign of Woody Jenkins, Perkins “paid Duke $82,500 for his mailing list.” Despite Perkins’ denials the document authorizing the payment carried Perkins’ signature.

White sheets make strange bedfellows.