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FEMEN Activists Arrested In Sweden At Russian Embassy Protest

Femen ativist arrested in Sweden

Swedish police detained two topless activists from the feminist network Femen on Thursday for trying to break and enter the Russian embassy in Stockholm during a protest which drew over 200 people to rally against Russia’s draconian anti-gay laws and its abusive of the LGBT  Russian people.

“There is a lot of anger here but people are channeling it in a good way. There’s a lot of rainbow flags, people are happy and smiling because they are making their determination felt,” said Sören Juvas, Social Democrat ombudsman and former head of LGBT rights organization RFSL,  “The EU placed demands on candidate countries before they joined, but they need to keep up the pressure when we can see that countries start categorizing people and giving different groups of people different legal statuses.”

Juvas continued stating that there appears to be mostly support for LGBT rights in Russia among western European nations adding “There is a new Berlin Wall in Europe, it splits the European countries and it’s not just a question of LGBT rights, but also how you treat (sic) all  minorities.”