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Homo Say What? – WATCH: As U.S. Soldier Spc. Robert Rodriguez Taunts Two Iraqi Children, Asks if They Have Gay Sex And Will Grow Up to be Terrorists (Video)

This is a disgrace. 

WRAL Raleigh reports on a video first posted on Facebook, thought to be shot by a U.S. soldier in Iraq, which shows the soldier taunting two young Iraqi children:

“The 30-second clip shows the two boys standing side by side on a dusty road, and the photographer asks them if they’re gay and engage in homosexual acts. The boys smile and nod, but it’s unclear whether they understand English. ‘Are you going to grow up to be a terrorist? Yeah! All right! Cool! Yeah, terrorists! Woo!’ the photographer says. The boys smile and give a thumbs-up signal. ‘Are you going to plant IEDs?’ the photographer asks. ‘Yeah, awesome!’ The older boy apparently realizes at this point that they are being mocked, and he holds down the younger boy’s arm. The video was posted May 14 on the Facebook page of Robert Rodriguez and titled ‘future gay terrorists.’ Rodriguez describes himself on Facebook as a soldier living in Fairbanks, Alaska. An Army spokesman said a Spc. Robert Rodriguez is stationed at Fort Wainwright, outside of Fairbanks. It’s unclear whose voice is heard on the video, but in posting the video to Facebook, Rodriguez wrote, ‘I was bored in Iraq. So I kept myself entertained.’

Hey Rodriguez next time you are bored and need to be entertained…..GO FUCK YOURSELF!

Neo-Nazi Skinheads Attack Bratislava, Slovakia’s First Gay Rights Parade (Video)

Members of the neo-Nazi group Slovenská Pospolitosť attacked the participants at a pre-parade rally for LGBT rights in downtown Bratislava, Slovakia. A tear gas canister thrown by one of the approximately 80 neo-Nazis interrupted the rally, attended by 500 people, while the extremists also were throwing eggs at the participants, the Sme daily reported.   Two rally participants who were carrying a rainbow flag, the symbol of of Gay Pride, were attacked by the neo-Nazis at Hviezdoslav Square in Bratislava.

Authorities then called off the planned march through the streets of central Bratislava, fearing further violence as the planned parade route was teeming with Neonazis. Police were worried that they could not guarantee the marchers’ safety.

“Instead of the parade of pride, Slovakia has experienced a day of shame,” wrote Sme’s deputy editor-in-chief Lukáš Fila in his commentary suggesting that the attack by the neo-Nazis against the participants shows a failure by the state.

Prior to the planned parade, not only extreme rightists but also some Catholic groups had tried to prevent the event and virrtually all leading politicians in the largely Catholic country have refrained from showing public approval of the parade ahead of Slovakia’s upcoming parliamentary elections on June 12.

Jan Slota, head of the Slovak National Party which is a coalition partner in the government of Prime Minister Robert Fico, even said he would “personally come in order to spit” at the gay parade. His comments had drawn only limited criticism by other politicians.

However, international diplomats and non-governmental organizations in Bratislava demonstrated their support for the event.

Among those who offered declarations of support were all Scandinavian and several Western European embassies, the representative of the EU Commission in Bratislava, as well as international non-governmental organizations in the city.

According to zire6666 who posted the below video on YouTube:  “The police was unable to clear the city from the neonacis, not because they were too many, but because there was a lack of political will. They sent only a few dozens of cops to protect the 1st historical Gay Pride in Slovakia !!

Special thanks to zire666 for the video!

Kentucky Judge Reduces Charges Against Ashley Sams and Corinne Schwab Who "Allegedly" Kidnapped and Threatened to Push Lesbian Classmate Off Cliff

District Judge Henria Bailey-Lewis reduced the charges of charges of kidnapping and attempted murder (saying there wasn’t enough evidence to justify felony charges)  against Ashley Sams and Corinne Schwab to fourth-degree assault and menacing, both misdemeanors.  Both 18, had been charged with attempted murder and kidnapping in the case, which has gotten widespread attention because of an allegation that they attacked Cheyenne Williams as a result of her sexual orientation.

“After a hearing Thursday, District Judge Henria Bailey-Lewis reduced the charges against Ashley Sams and Corinne Schwab to fourth-degree assault and menacing, both misdemeanors…Attorneys for the two had strongly denied the attack and said the girls were pleased the judge reduced the charges. ‘I think justice was served,’ said Richmond attorney James Baechtold, who represents Schwab. Sams and Schwab committed no crime and will fight the misdemeanor charges, their attorneys said. The two high school seniors and their families declined to comment as they left court with a large number of supporters.”
Jordan Palmer, president of the Kentucky Equality Federation, said he has asked the FBI to investigate the case under a federal hate-crimes law.  “We remain convinced this was a hate crime,” Palmer said.

Really big surprise there that a Kentucky Judge reduced the charges. I guess it’s OK to kidnap and attempt to kill and gay teen in Kentucky. Not enough evidence! I thought the victim had captured the event on her cell phone!

And, just look at the picture above of the two little darlings, it just screams “We got away with it all y’all!”

Three Girls In Kentucky Try To Murder Lesbian Classmate By Pushing Her Over A Cliff

Last Friday (coincidentally, the national Day of Silence) Three teenage girls in Kentucky attacked Cheyenne Williams, a lesbian classmate, took her against her will to Flat Lick Falls, physically abused her and tried to push her off a cliff. 

Those charged in the alleged attack — who attended Jackson County High School with Williams — are Ashley N. Sams, 18, of Annville; Corrine M. Schwab, 18 of Sandgap; and a 17-year-old girl. Her name and the charges against her have not been released because she is a juvenile.

Cheyenn’s mother has stated that her daughter had the presence of mind to videotape the attack on her cell phone. ‘There’s proof on the video that this is a hate crime.  Kentucky Police state there is “no evidence” of such.

The girls have been charged with attempted murder and kidnapping. Both have been released on $25,000 bond.

I’m sure these girls come from a fine upstanding Christian home full of the highest values in the land, true Americans who are afraid of the moral decline of our nation brought on by the onslaught of the evil Gay Agenda being forced upon America.

Lets hopethat these girls have to share a cell with the biggest, meanest and roughest bull dyke in the joint .

Judge Sets Trial Date For Jorge Steven López Mercado Killer In Puerto Rico

Jorge Steven López Mercado

Judge Roberto Anglero announced earlier today Juan José Martínez Matos’ trial will begin in Caguas on March 30. He denied a defense motion to lessen one of the charges against Martínez to second degree murder.

Prosecutors contend Martínez, who faces a first degree murder and three weapons charges, stabbed Jorge Steven López Mercado to death on Nov. 12, 2009. They further allege the suspect decapitated, dismembered and partially burned López’s body before he dumped it along a remote roadside.

Several of López’s friends identified Martínez as the man with whom they last saw the teenager as EDGE reported on Feb. 6. Details of López’s reported drug use and prostitution emerged during the preliminary hearing, but Pedro Julio Serrano of the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force applauded prosecutor Yaritza Carrasquillo’s handling of this case.

“She sent a very powerful message not to judge Jorge Steven; the person who should be judged is Juan Martínez Matos,” he said.