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AFA’s Bryan “Batshit” Fischer: I Can’t Help Hating Gays. I Was “Born This Way” – Video

Bryan Fischer Fecal


On his American Family Association hate group sponsored “Fecal Point” “Focal Point” radio show this week Bryan “Batshit” Fischer said that the only justification in identifying as a KKK-ristian in today’s society was that he was “born this way,”

Right Wing Watch reported.

“Who would choose, at this time in our nation’s history, to be a Christian? You’re ridiculed. You’re mocked. You’re made fun of,” he said. Pointing to the case of Kentucky clerk Kim Davis, who is facing a lawsuit for refusing to issue marriage licenses to both straight and same-sex couples following the Supreme Court’s June 26 ruling on marriage equality, he added, “Who would choose a lifestyle where you are the unending subject of ridicule, mockery, and contempt by liberals in society, by elites, by professors, on the media, by politicians? Who’s going to choose that?”

“So our defense is, hey, I was born that way,”

No Fisher , you weren’t born that way. You were carefully taught.

Lady Gaga should smack the shit out of him.  But she’s have to get on the end of a very long line.


AFA’s Bryan Fischer: Gays Should Be Discriminated Against. Discrimination Is Good – Video

Bryan Fischer lunatic

The American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer once again spewed more garbage, hate and insanity this week on his “Fecal Point” radio show when discussing the case of Carla Hale, a Catholic school teacher who was fired after being outed to her colleagues via her mother’s obituary.

Said FISTer Fischer:

There are times when discrimination is the right thing to do. It is right to discriminate against people who engage in aberrant sexual behavior. We should discriminate against people like that.”

Substitute “Black” or “Jewish” for “Gay” in Fischer’s broadcast and what do you have?

The KKK.

But remember.  According to the AFA they are “loving christians” and NOT a hate group.

Fischer table.  White hood for one please. (And a muzzle)