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Duck Dynasty Is Fake! – Dusty Smith Exposes Yuppies Turned Rednecks for A&E “Reality” Show

Duck Dynasty is FAKE

Now that the duckshit has hit the fan over Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson and his outrageous anti-gay and racially bigoted slurs truth about the A&E so -called reality show is beginning to come out including the fact that its a FAKE. ┬áIt seems that what A&E is trying to pass off as a rough and tumble show about a family of rough and tough backwoods duck hunters trying to make a living is nothing but television smoke and magic and that the family is quite well off and the good ole boys in reality are a bunch of golf playing yuppies.

Do they really run a duck call business? Yes. But other than that and Phil Robertson’s bigotry seems to be as far as the truth goes.

Watch as REAL southerner Dusty Smith exposes Ducky Dynasty and the Robertson klan below.