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NYC’s Folsom Street East Returns‏ June 20, 2010!

While most New York City street fairs feature a lot of the same stuff – tube socks sold in bulk, 10-minute massages, a variety of meats-on-a-stick, maybe a couple of pet adoption booths with cute puppies — FSE is a little different. True, there are tube socks – but mostly just visible above the laces of black leather boots — and any massages given are more friendly than therapeutic. You’re far more likely to encounter bears and wolves than puppies, and “meat-on-a-stick” can quickly take on an entirely new meaning.

Inspired by San Francisco’s legendary Folsom Street Fair, FSE was founded in 1997 by former Gay Male S/M Activists (GMSMA) chair John Weis and a cohort of similarly-minded New York City leathermen. “I thought that having a fun day in the sun for the SM/leather community celebrating our diversity would go a long way in helping dispel myths and stereotypes,” said Weis. “We saw FSE as important opportunity for visibility, outreach and activism. A key part of that is taking a proud stand — outside in the sunshine – embracing and celebrating sexual diversity.”

Since that first year, FSE has featured live music and performance art, bootblacks, barbers, health and community information, and vendors selling everything from cigars to harnesses to handmade floggers. From a handful of vendor tables and a few hundred attendees that first year, FSE has grown exponentially: the 2009 event drew over 50 vendors and nearly 10,000 leather and fetish-clad revelers over the course of the afternoon.

FSE is also an opportunity for the community to flex some philanthropic muscle as well. The $10 suggested donation benefits a number of charities and to date, FSE has donated over $210,000 to a wide array of non-profit organizations, including this year’s beneficiaries: the Lesbian and Gay Community Services Center, the New York City Anti-Violence Project, and the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF).

In addition to the street fair, this year FSE will be spanning the weekend, kicking off with BULLY—a Friday night party—at View Bar, moving through Saturday night with Bad Apple at Rush (presented in conjunction with NY promoter Mark Nelson), and on into Sunday’s street fair. For more details about these and other weekend events, visit the FSE website

*FSE is organized and staffed entirely by volunteers who give of their time and talents to make the whole thing happen. Anyone interested volunteering at the event is invited to visit the FSE Volunteer page at www.folsomstreeteast.org/category/volunteers, or email volunteer coordinator Mike Ryan at volunteers@folsomstreeteast.org.

WHAT: Folsom Street East
WHEN: Sunday, June 20, 2010 – 2-8pm
WHERE: 28th Street btw. 10th & 11th Avenues, New York City
WHO: Co-Hosts: Peppermint and Mike Dreyden
Performers: Sylvia Tosun, Fredrick Ford, The Johns, Brian Kent, Noa Tylo, Unisex Salon, The I.C.N.Y.

Prop 8 Lawsuit Updates: Gay Blogger Gets Press Pass, Gay Marriage Foes To Appeal YouTube Posting, and Homophobe Hak-Shing William Tam Wants OUT!

Gay blogger and activist Michael Petrelis has scored and scored big time by securing a Press Pass to cover the Perry v. Schwarzenegger lawsuit filed by super-lawyers Ted Olson and David Boies, challenging the Prop 8 prohibition on gay marriage in California.  This is a GREAT news and quite an achievement.  Michael is a great blogger who reports on stories the mainstream media choose to ignore. Michael has appeared on The O’Reilly Factor, CNN, ABC News, and National Public Radio.  Michael also has a “no hold barred” style that lays out whats going on pure and simple.  No spin.  No bullshit.  It will be great to have some in depth reporting that we can trust coming from the trail.

And the most recent update from the haters……….

Sponsors of California’s gay marriage ban want a judge to delay implementing his order allowing cameras at the federal trial considering the constitutionality of the voter-approved law.They say they want time to appeal his decision to allow video of the court proceedings on Youtube.com because they oppose having cameras in the courtroom. 

Now adding to this bit of Legal theatre is the fact that suddenly homophobic bigot Hak-Shing William Tam who is one of the five official sponsors of Proposition 8 who formally “intervened” in a federal lawsuit challenging the voter-approved ban wants out of the trial claiming that he fears for his and his family’s safety. In his court filing, Tam’s lawyers say the trial will bring him unwanted publicity and expose him to retribution from gay marriage supporters. Tam also says the case has been more time-consuming and more intrusive into his personal life than expected.

Looks like Tam and the other homophobes only wanted to be intrusive into OTHER people’s personal lives, not thier own own.  That or they are kist plain COWARDS who want to hide behind screens and masks while they spew and spread their bigoted and homophobic lies and hate and try to dictate others civil rights.  Much like the Klan.

Fuck you Tam.  Lie down with dogs……