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Face It We Are Doomed: Jill Stein Withdraws Recount Effort In Pennsylvania



The New York Times reports:

Pennsylvania will apparently not have a statewide recount of its votes, removing the last long-shot hope by opponents of Donald J. Trump that a review of the ballots could overturn his election as president.

In a filing on Saturday, a lawyer for Jill Stein, the Green Party presidential candidate, who began the recount bids in Pennsylvania — as well as in Michigan and Wisconsin — said “petitioners are regular citizens of ordinary means” and could not afford a $1 million bond payment that was ordered by Pennsylvania courts.

Lawyers for Pennsylvania Republicans and Mr. Trump had asked a judge on Thursday to dismiss Ms. Stein’s request, saying she had not identified any fraud or illegal activity during the Nov. 8 election.

Lawrence J. Tabas, the general counsel of the Republican Party of Pennsylvania, said on Saturday that the withdrawal served as “recognition” that the Stein-led effort was “completely without merit,” and that the decision to drop the case “assures that President-elect Trump will be declared the winner by the Electoral College,” which meets on Dec. 19.

In a statement, Ms. Stein left open the possibility that she had further plans in Pennsylvania, and promised a “major announcement” on Monday morning. She criticized the $1 million bond needed to proceed with a recount.

“This is yet another sign that Pennsylvania’s antiquated election law is stacked against voters,” Ms. Stein said. “We will pursue every available remedy to ensure Pennsylvanians can trust what happened in this election.”

Now before everyone out there jumps on Jill Stein.  We must remember that the Democrats and Hillary herself have done NOTHING.  Even Al Gore fought harder.  Hillary conceded way too early and is now somewhere licking her wounds and putting up no fight.  The election was theirs to lose and the DNC and Hillary did lose it. And it was NOT Steins fault.  They alienated progressive votes, and took for granted that they would vote for her.  They did not reach out to African Americans and the Latino population enough opting to believe that it would be a given that they would not vote for Trump when in reality more minority voters swung Republican this year than in the past two Presidential races.  Also Hill and the DNC  did not run a race on “issues” instead of opting instead for the campaign of “who’s better qualified” And Hillary’s baggage did not help.

So before you blame Jill Stein and progressives take a step back and blame the real culprits who are responsible for losing this election.  Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee themselves. Because without blaming them it will never get any better.