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AFA Hate Group Prez Tim Wildmon: “Can tell you who’s gay” Just By Looking At Them – Video

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As part of her anti-gay promotional tour for her new book Maybe He’s Not Gay: Another View on Homosexuality (which is now back on Amazon after Amazon took it down and then put it back up after pressure and threats of a Duck Dynasty debacle ), Linda “Hate Hag” Harvey appeared as a guest on American Family Association’s radio broadcast to help answer some hard-hitting questions about the mean and nasty gays.

Right Wing Watch reports that one of the more pressing questions came from AFA president Tim Wildmon who, after declaring that when he is out in public he “can tell you who’s gay” just by looking at them, asked the following:

“They have these effeminate, a lot of them, actions. They walk like a girl, a lot of them. I mean, I’m just being honest. This is what everybody says but maybe nobody talks about publicly, and it just makes you wonder, how did that develop, where does that come from?”

Harvey who rarely ventures out of her hate nest in Columbus, OH blamed Hollywood for  “feminizing” men by providing non-masculine male role models in advertisements for television events like the Super Bowl.

She must be talking Tim Tebow.  He was the effeminate man I saw in any of the commercials during the Super Bowl.