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Goldman Sachs Encourages Employees to Use Gender-Neutral Pronouns ‘Ze/Zir’

Goldman Sachs Encourages Employees to Use Gender-Neutral Pronouns ‘Ze/Zir’

Must be getting close to Pride Month.

Goldman Sachs who has been greatly criticized, particularly in the aftermath of the financial crisis of 2007–2008, where it misled its investors and profited from the collapse of the mortgage market is being coitized one again. This time internally because of a pamphlet to employees that was drafted by the investment bank’s internal LGBT group and encourages staff to use recently developed gender-neutral pronouns, including “Ze” and “Zir.”

“Ze went to the store. I spoke with zir/zem. The apple was zirs/zes,” reads one example of the employee guide and also instructs employees to “replace gendered language with gender-inclusive language wherever possible (e.g. ‘hi all vs. ‘hi guys’).”

Goldman Sachs also offered eight “Tips for Being An Inclusive Ally” that include suggestions such as “Be Proactive, ” “No Assumptions,” and “Handling Mistakes.”

It’s unclear how Goldman enforces its pronoun guidelines and whether employees who refuse to abide by it are punished.  Back2Stonewall has reached out to the firm for clarification.

Oh and by the way. In June of 2020 Goldman Sachs settled and anti-LGBT discrimination case over a male employee who was fired after being told ‘he sounded too gay

Happy Pride!