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In Depth Video Coverage Of EuroPride 2010 Held In Warsaw Poland This Weekend (Video)

Many Thnaks to Katie from newsy.com for sending us this excellent piece on EuroPride 2010 which was held in Poland this past weekend which includes news sources and material from across Europe reporting on the event.
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Over 20,000 Expected At EuroPride 2010 in Warsaw Poland And Also Thousands Of Protesters

Europride the pan-European international event dedicated to LGBT pride, hosted by a different European city each year will today (Saturday) in Warsaw Poland.  The landmark gay rights rally in the Polish capital will be the first EuroPride parade ever to take place behind the Cold War Iron Curtain/.  Politicians from countries like Great Britain, Sweden and Germany also plan to take part in the rally, which will focus on a call for legal recognition of same-sex partnerships.

The event is facing strong opposition in largely Catholic and conservative Poland; some 55,000 people have signed a petition which describes EuroPride as “an obscene event of filth and perversion.” and counter demonstrations are expected   Polish officials are not expected at the rally.

Back2Stonewall would like to wish the Best of Luck to Warsaw Poland today.  Hopefully the event will go smoothly and there will be no problems.  We stand beside you and are very proud of you.

Full Disclosure, I’m a PROUD GAY Polish American.  Send Bobka please!