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Same Sex Marriage Got Legalized In New York So I Got Engaged To "Haven" Star Eric Balfour!

It’s been an exciting 24 hours.  First same sex marriage is legalized in New York and  I became engaged to the star if SyFy channel’s hit television show “Haven” Eric Balfour! ……(sort of) 

Eric was one of the first celebrities to celebrate and congratulate New York’s passing of the legislation last night so moving fast before anyone else has the chance I proposed……and he accepted!

For those of you who don;t know my soon to be husband Eric is 6ft 2″, actor and singer of Russian, French, and Native American decent is a wonderful human being who supports many humanitarian and political causes and also is HOT AS HELL! .  (And I provide proof of that below!)

Eat your heart out James Franco!

*It’s all in good fun and I thank Eic for being so LGBT Equality supported but I do think we should get married just as a….political statement.  LOL.   Oh hell, a guy can dream can’t he?

But I WILL be putting up the Wedding Registry at Amazon.com shortly.

Love ya Eric.  You are very very kewl.

What’s "Too Gay" Today? – "Haven’s" Eric Balfour Exhibitionist Extrodinaire’!, Gay Marriage Giant Cock Graph, George Michael Arrested For Pot AGAIN, and Paul Koering Gets Screwed!

* SyFy Channel’s Eric Balfour of “Haven” is far from shy when it comes to showing off his body.  Raised by nudist family Eric also claims he’s never has owned a pair of underwear.  (Swing along little doggy.  Swing along)

*  Paul Koering, the closted gay Minnesota state senator who was outed and then still who supported MN’s ban on same-sex marriage has last MN’s election and been unseated.  (HAHA Bitch.)

*  George Michael has been arrested for pot once again and also faces DUI charges. The arrest report will look nice next to his framed copy of summer’s paperwork, which details his Range Rover crash into a storefront..  Yaaaaawn.  This story is so 2006.

*  Nate Silver’s NEW chart graph for America’s support of gay marriage ironically looks like a giant COCK!