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UPDATE: RFK Center for Human Rights Auctions Off Orson Scott Card for Charity – Current Bid $0.00

Enders Game Action 2

In what has to be a joke (its not) the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights a human rights advocacy organization, a nonprofit charitable organization that works to realize Robert Kennedy’s dream of a peaceful and just world by advancing human rights is auctioning off a “an exclusive two-hour story creation workshop for a small group of dedicated high school writing students at any high school in the United States.” with Orson Scott Card.

That’s right. You can win a two hour session for the well known anti-gay homophobe and racist scribe of Ender’s Game to teach you children!

Now one has to wonder exactly just how clueless the people at the RFK Center are to actually offer up this heinous bigot for action to get money to advance “human rights” so lets tell them shall we.

Contact The Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights and let them know about Cards racism and homophobia and demand an apology for what has to be the most insensitive and ironic auction item ever in the name of human rights.

The Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights’

1300 19th Street, NW
Suite 750
Washington, DC 20036
Tel: 202-463-7575
Fax: 202-463-6606
E-mail: info@rfkcenter.org


Enders Shame Auction

UPDATE: Back2Stonewall.com reached out to the RFK Center and they have pulled out of the auction 

Dear Will:

The RFK Center works around the world to defend sexual minorities’ rights, and is a longstanding leader in the fight against LGBTI discrimination. In Uganda alone, we have partnered for years with on-the-ground activists to lead a global coalition against the infamous anti-homosexuality bill, galvanized global faith leaders and Nobel Peace laureates on behalf of LGBTI Ugandans, secured the release of trans activists imprisoned for their advocacy efforts, brought life-saving medical resources to health care clinics serving LGBTI patients who have been turned away from city hospitals, and fostered a historic dialogue on sexual minority rights within the nation’s police forces. Auction coordinators occasionally offer items to the RFK Center auction. The RFK Center did not solicit this item and it is no longer part of our auction.


NOW IT IS OFFICIAL – Ender’s Game Is A Bona Fide FLOP!

Boycott Enders Game

Thor: The Dark World had a CRUSHING 32 Million opening day Friday leaving all the other competition in the dust

Ender’s Game on the other hand can now “officially” be called a flop.  In started off its second weekend had a whopping drop of 70% of its revenue from its previous Friday box office of 8.9 million dollars doing only 2.9 million dollars yesterday and DROPPED to 4th place behind Bad Grandpa (3.7 million) and Last Vegas (3.2million)


Ender’s Game Crashes and Burns – Makes Only 9 Million Dollars Opening Day

Boycott Enders Game

Lionsgate’s Sci-Fi “November blockbuster” Ender’s Game crashed and burned upon opening this weekend recording a very soft 9.9 million dollars of  Friday playing in over a whopping 3400+ theaters according to BoxOfficeMojo.com

Science Fiction movies based on novels are notoriously front-loaded with many fans flocking to see the movie on the first day.  Expect a small to no percentage increase on Saturday with EG’s box office coming in at about 8 – 11 millions dollars and a 40% percent drop on that Sunday which will put the weekends final total somewhere between 22 to 24  million dollars.   Starship Troopers which opened on the same weekended in 1997 had an opening box weekend box office of 23 million dollars and ended its theatrical run with a domestic total gross of only $54,814,377

Ender’s Game which has been plagued by years stuck of being stuck in development and the recent boycott against it because of its notoriously homophobic and racist author Orson Scott Card cost 110 million dollars to make.

While its hard to determine if the Skip Ender’s Game Boycott by the LGBT community and its straight allies are responsible for the movies low opening numbers is hard to tell.  But it certainly did help..





Orson Scott Card Plays Victim: Its all been “lying and deceptive personal attacks”

Orson Scott card

In an interview with KSLs  “Deseret News Sunday Edition,” ENDER’S GAME writer and card carrying homophobe Orson Scott Card played the victim hoping to save the box office of his upcoming movie opening on Friday saying that “The only reason I’m being attacked for it is because ‘Ender’s Game’ is coming out as a movie, so that was something that was going to get a lot of publicity for the people attacking it,” and added that he has had no actual criticism over his public anti-gay comments and actions and that it’s all  just lies and deception.

“I’ve had no criticism. I’ve had savage, lying, deceptive personal attacks, but no actual criticism because they’ve never addressed any of my actual ideas. Character assassination seems to be the only political method that is in use today, and I don’t play that game, and you can’t defend against it. All you can do is try to offer ideas, and for those who want to listen to ideas, great. For those who simply want to punish you for not falling in line with their dogmas, there’s really not much you can do about it.”

Lets look at some of  Orson Scott Cards “actual ideas”:

1990: Card argued that states should keep sodomy laws on the books in order to punish unruly gays–presumably implying that the fear of breaking the law ought to keep most gay men in the closet where they belonged.

2004: He claimed that most homosexuals are the self-loathing victims of child abuse, who became gay “through a disturbing seduction or rape or molestation or abuse.”

2008: In 2008, Card published his most controversial anti-gay screed yet, in the Mormon Times, where he argued that gay marriage “marks the end of democracy in America,” that homosexuality was a “tragic genetic mixup,” and that allowing courts to redefine marriage was a slippery slope towards total homosexual political rule and the classifying of anyone who disagreed as “mentally ill:”

A term that has mental-health implications (homophobe) is now routinely applied to anyone who deviates from the politically correct line. How long before opposing gay marriage, or refusing to recognize it, gets you officially classified as “mentally ill”

Remember how rapidly gay marriage has become a requirement. When gay rights were being enforced by the courts back in the ’70s and ’80s, we were repeatedly told by all the proponents of gay rights that they would never attempt to legalize gay marriage.

It took about 15 minutes for that promise to be broken. …

If a court declared that from now on, “blind” and “sighted” would be synonyms, would that mean that it would be safe for blind people to drive cars?

No matter how sexually attracted a man might be toward other men, or a woman toward other women, and no matter how close the bonds of affection and friendship might be within same-sex couples, there is no act of court or Congress that can make these relationships the same as the coupling between a man and a woman.

This is a permanent fact of nature.

Card went on to advocate for, literally, a straight people’s insurrection against a pro-gay government:

[W]hen government is the enemy of marriage, then the people who are actually creating successful marriages have no choice but to change governments, by whatever means is made possible or necessary… Regardless of law, marriage has only one definition, and any government that attempts to change it is my mortal enemy. I will act to destroy that government and bring it down….

2009: He joined the board for anti-gay lobby The National Organization for Marriage, which was created to pass California’s notorious Proposition 8, banning gay marriage and became a heavy donor and outspoken anti-gay member of the group.

2012: He supported his home state North Carolina’s constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage by arguing that gay marriage “will be the bludgeon [The Left] use to make sure that it becomes illegal to teach traditional values in the schools.”

And that’s not all.  A list of Cards homophobic missves runs a mile long.   But it t turns out Card  is also a stock raving mad Teabagger and racist who recently ranted about  President Obama for being a “ariculate black man” in a paranoid essay where he also compared Obama to Hitler and suggested that he might be planning a coup to take over the United States

This is the man that Hollywood paid millions of dollars to for the book rights to Ender’s Game and he stands to make millions more off the movie (and its sequals) if it does well thanks to him being a co-producer.




Harrison Ford Again Defends Homophobe Orson Scott Card and Ender’s Game – BOYCOTT ENDER’S GAME

Boycott Enders Game
“The issues that are coming up now are not part of the book, which is twenty-eight years old. So they don’t really concern me. [long pause] ’Concern me’ are really not the right words. I think it’s better to say that they are simply not issues; his point of view on some of these issues that are getting such attention now is not promoted by or part of the story that we’re telling.” –  Harrison Ford once again defending Orson Scott Card, author of the book that was adapted into his latest film Ender’s Gamein an interview with GQ

What Ford doesn’t mention as an issue is that Card has been paid BIG BUCKS for the movie rights and is also a co-producer on the film and will receive a percentage of the film;s profits and that of its sequels if it is a hit that he will undoubtedly use to fight LGBT rights.

I wonder if it would concern Harrison Ford if Orson Scott Card was a renowned anti-Semite or a member of the KKK?

Fuck you Harrison.  Han Solo and Indiana Jones would kick your ass if they ever heard you spew studio spin like this.

Ender’s Game opens Friday in theaters across the country.  BOYCOTT THIS MOVIE!  Do not support Orson Scott Cards anti-gay hate!


GLSEN To Honor Film Company Behind “Ender’s Game” With Respect Award At 9th Annual Event

Boycott Enders Game

In a controversial move GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network,  will be honoring Lionsgate Films with the Chairman’s Award at its 9th Annual GLSEN Respect Awards on October 19th. despite the LGBT communities major backlash and boycott of its upcoming November release of “Enders Game” which was written and is also being produced by outspoken homophobe and (ex?) National Organization for Marriage Board-member Orson Scott Card.

Back2Stonewall reached out to Andy Mara, GLSEN’s press representative about the choice of Lionsgate as a reward recipient at this time and how rewarding such a company is counter to the concept of “respect”.   Below is the response that received not from Andy Mara of GLSEN but from Julia Marella of Slate PR, a public relations firm based in Hollywood, C.A.

Lionsgate has a long and rich history of creating LGBT-inclusive and affirming films. The studio has also been an industry leader in ensuring workplace protections and benefits for LGBT people. When Lionsgate acquired Summit Entertainment last year, the company inherited its library of current projects, including Ender’s Game. Though GLSEN flatly rejects book author Orson Scott Card’s support for the discrimination of LGBT people, we stand behind Lionsgate’s similar rejection of Card’s personal beliefs and its long-standing commitment to support the LGBT community.

Patrick Yacco of Geeks Out the organization behind the ongoing “Skip Ender’s Game” boycott had this to say of GLSEN’s choice:

“It’s difficult to reconcile Lionsgate’s history of LGBT engagement with their current marketing push for Ender’s Game. Lionsgate repeatedly promotes itself as a pro-equality entertainment company, but they continue to dance around the issue of their financial transactions with virulently homophobic author and activist Orson Scott Card. Until Lionsgate comes clean about Card’s financial stake in the Ender’s Game adaptation and its potential sequels, I find it very problematic that they’re being honored in this capacity.”

The question now is will GLSEN lose “respect” within the LGBT community for such an insensitive choice of an award?

Ender’s Game Writer Orson Scott Card Goes Racist On Top Of Being Anti-Gay

Orson Scott card

“Obama will claim we need a national police force in order to fight terrorism and crime. The Boston bombing is a useful start, especially when combined with random shootings by crazy people. Where will he get his ‘national police’? The NaPo will be recruited from ‘young out-of-work urban men’ and it will be hailed as a cure for the economic malaise of the inner cities.

“In other words, Obama will put a thin veneer of training and military structure on urban gangs, and send them out to channel their violence against Obama’s enemies. Instead of doing drive-by shootings in their own neighborhoods, these young thugs will do beatings and murders of people “trying to escape’ — people who all seem to be leaders and members of groups that oppose Obama.

“Already the thugs who serve the far left agenda of Obama’s team do systematic character assassination as a means of intimidating their opponents into silence. But physical beatings and ‘legal’ disappearances will be even more effective — as Hitler and Putin and many other dictators have demonstrated over and over.” – Stark raving mad “former” (though there is no proof)  National Organization for Marriage board member Orson Scott Card, proving he is not only a hateful homophobe but a racist to boot in a May column highlighted yesterday by Slate.


Dan Parent Creator of The Archie’s Kevin Keller: “I’m NOT Going To Go See Ender’s Game”

Kevin Keller

As much as Lionsgate and Summit Entertainment would like you to believe that the Orson Scott Card debacle and the upcoming boycott of  Ender’s Game over his hateful and dangerous anti-gay rhetoric was just limited to the Ender’s Game panel at San Diego Comic-Con it was not.

It was the talk of Comic-Con and the issue was brought up in other panels as well — most notably at the  spotlight panel on Kevin Keller the gay character from the Archie comics. When a fan asked Keller’s creator Dan Parent was asked whether or not  his character would support the boycott,  Parent responded by saying he wasn’t sure what Kevin would do, but he personally was not going to see the movie.

There is something that did happen at the Ender’s Game panel that has not been reported widely. As Robert Orci, Summit Entertainment, and Lionsgate continued  to distance the film from the Card  (who was purposely not invited as not to make it worse) at one point, in response to an audience question Orci tried to play down the size of the LGBT backlash, the real issue with Card as Producer, and the theme of the movie stating: “I would hate to see the efforts of all the people who made this movie thwarted for the less than 1% of the people behind the movie, particularly because the message of the book and the movie is tolerance, compassion and empathy.”

Of course that only happens after Ender violently destroys a  different species called “buggers” due to his ignorance, hate and blind allegiance.

Sound familiar?

H/T to Patrick Yacco of Geek’s Out


New York Time Editorial Writer Accuses Geeks Out of “Blacklisting” Orson Card Scott

Boycott Enders Game

In what has to be one of the most badly researched, written and most bizarre editorials ever to grace the page New York Times opinion page.  New York Times Editorial Board member Juliet Lapidos accuses the LGBT community and specifically the organization Geeks Out of “blacklisting” anti-gay National Organization for marriage board-member and virulent homophobe Orson Scott Card.

Geeks Out wants to sink the film to punish Orson Scott Card, who wrote the 1985 novel “Ender’s Game” and was one of several producers for the screen adaptation. In 1990, Mr. Card argued in the magazine Sunstone that “laws against homosexual behavior should remain on the books” and “be used when necessary to send a clear message that those who flagrantly violate society’s regulation of sexual behavior cannot be permitted to remain as acceptable, equal citizens within that society.” He was on the board of the National Organization for Marriage, which opposes same-sex unions, from 2009 until this year.

Both Mr. Card and Lionsgate have issued statements in response to the boycott movement, emphasizing that “Ender’s Game” has nothing to do with gay rights or really any contemporary debate. Lionsgate said that while it does not “agree with the personal views of Orson Scott Card,” his opinions “are completely irrelevant to a discussion of ‘Ender’s Game.’ ” The studio’s response, though self-serving, is exactly right.

Generally, boycotts are used to pressure companies or governments to end objectionable activities; consider the boycott of Chick-fil-A to protest the chain’s financial support of anti-gay organizations. What Geeks Out has in mind is closer to blacklisting. The group wants to “send a clear and serious message to Card and those that do business with his brand of antigay activism — whatever he’s selling, we’re not buying.” This isn’t about stopping the dissemination of anti gay sentiments; it’s about isolating Mr. Card and shaming his business partners, thus cutting into their profits.

If Mr. Card belongs in quarantine, who’s next? His views were fairly mainstream when the Sunstone article appeared and, unfortunately, are not unusual today. Just 10 years ago, Justice Antonin Scalia wrote in his inflammatory Lawrence v. Texas dissent that Americans have every right to enforce “the moral opprobrium that has traditionally attached to homosexual conduct” in order to protect themselves “from a lifestyle that they believe to be immoral and destructive.” 

Lapidos makes many mistakes in her “so called” editorial.  The first being the fact that, as a writer and producer of Ender’s Game, we put directly money into Orson Scott Cards pocket, which money has been used for actions — not opinions, action — that have harmed the lives of thousands of gay Americans this she seems to simply overlook or just ignore.

The “Sunstone” article written by Card in 1990 which Ms. Lapidos mentions, and should actually read is more of a manifesto against homosexuality rather than an article and if I remember correctly at the time  it was not mainstream to promote the idea that homosexuality should be criminalized to let people know that they would never be accepted by society.  Also it is not now mainstream to sit on the board of a hate group like the National of Marriage, call for the overthrow of the government if gay marriage becomes legal,  and it’s certainly not mainstream to donate million’s upon million’s of dollars for the sole purpose of denying fellow citizens equal rights.

And perhaps whats most bothersome part Lapidos  piece is that she herself purposely fear-mongers by inaccurately using the term “blacklist” which brings back to memories of the of the 1940’s and denying employment to Jewish Hollywood screenwriters, actors, directors, musicians in the 1940’s which is incredibly moronic repugnant.  The fact that a New York Times editorial staffer does not know the difference between “boycotting” and “blacklisting” is shameful and unacceptable.

The New York Times does not allow comments on its editorial pages and there is no email listed for Ms. Lapidos  but she can be reached via her Twitter account @jlapidos

Harrison Ford Defends Ender’s Game and Orson Scott Card At San Diego Comic-Con

Boycott Enders Game

“No part of the story concerns Mr Card’s theories about society in terms of gay issues or homosexual issues. I think he has a right to his opinions and has also made it clear that it was a battle that he fought and lost and would like to get on with the rest of life.” – Harrison Ford, promoting  Ender’s Game and spouting the studio spin line at San Diego’s Comic-Con.

I am ashamed of Harrison Ford.  He knows the boycott  has nothing to do with whether this particular story has anything to do with Card’s views on homosexuality and that it has to do with Lion’s Gate supporting monetarily a virulent homophobe who wants to see me and my friends killed or put into concentration camps. ”

Cards statements were not “opinions” Mr. Ford — any more than Hitler had an “opinion” about the Jews.  Mr. Card would like gays not to exist, and if they do to be criminalized and persecuted and money from Lionsgate buying the story and the percentage of the box office that comes from his producer credit has and will continue to help him continue.

I can guarantee you Harrison, if Card had said all those things about blacks and funded and worked white supremacy groups, this movie would have never been made and your multi-million dollar paycheck would not existed.

So in reply to your statement let me say a hearty FUCK YOU to you Han Solo.  If Chewbacca was here he’d smack you silly.