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TAKE ACTION! – Tell Gov. Andrew Cuomo NOT To Cut Funding To Homeless Youth Shelters In New York!

In what can only be described as another heartless move to balance a states budget.   Gov. Andrew Cuomo is planning to completely end state funding for homeless youth shelters.

Recently homeless youth and Ali Foley Center resident Raciel Castillo sent the following letter to Governor Cuomo and I’d like to share it with you.

Governor Cuomo, I understand that you intend to end the funding from New York State to support youth shelter beds. This means that on July 1st, many of us will be put out of our shelter beds and be thrown out to the streets. I want you to understand that this will put our lives at risk.

It is hard to be a homeless kid, having nowhere to stay and feeling alone and unwanted. For me the worst part was feeling hopeless. I know a bunch of homeless gay kids who have told me that they considered suicide. People think it is just because of bullying in schools, but it is also because of being rejected by our families and forced to make it on the streets. One of my friends tried to throw herself in front of a subway. She said she was tired of being invisible. Thank god some of my friends were able to hold her back.

Governor Cuomo, I want you to understand how terrible things are for homeless kids. I want you to understand how mean and reckless it is to cut support for kids out on the streets. I have lots of friends who have nowhere safe to sleep. I know some who have to prostitute themselves just to have a place to sleep. Kids get beat up and hurt on the streets. The Ali Forney Center is named after a kid who was murdered on the streets. Too many of us were thrown out by parents who refuse to care about us. Please Governor Cuomo, don’t throw us away also.

I BEG ALL OF YOU to sign THIS LETTER to Gov. Cuomo  NOT TO CUT this funding. You need not be a New York resident to raise your voice, because so many of New York City’s homeless kids flee here from other states it is not only up to New Yorkers to help these poor kids. What kind of society do we have when we keep giving tax breaks to millionaires and billionaires and we can’t fight for and fund shelters for homeless CHILDREN?

Please feel free to retweet, repost and pass this along and help these poor kids. 

It’s the shelters and group homes roofs that keeps them alive, but it’s the lack of hope and respect that will kill them.

Watch SHOCKING CCTV Video Footage Of Quake and Tsunami Wave Hitting Sendai Airport and Tokyo Japan.

The government has confirmed 23 deaths, with the number expected to rise. It follows the 8.9-magnitude earthquake which sent a 4-metre wall of water inland across the Miyagi prefecture . There’s considerable destruction – 200 people have been washed away. Buildings, cars and ships were also swept by the raging waters. Several are missing on Japan’s Sendai island. The first wave has also reached Russia’s Kuril islands to the north, reportedly around a metre high. There are several fires along Japan’s eastern coastline, and 4 million homes are without power. The Prime Minister’s ordered an emergency response team to tackle the disaster – with aircraft scrambled to the worst-affected area. Communication is crippled and Tokyo’s Norita International Airport has been closed. The entire Pacific region is on tsunami alert – with Hawaii braced to be hit within the next few hours.

BREAKING: The Department Of Justice Files Emergency Stay Request with Ninth Circuit on ‘DADT’

In a non-surprising move.  The Obama Administration and The Department of Justice has filed an emergency request with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals requesting a stay on the injunction barring enforcement of DADT. The DOJ requests the Ninth Circuit to enter the stay today. 

Now that didn’t take them long did it.  They must have had it all ready to go.

The government argues that The Log Cabin Republicans do not have the standing to maintain the case, a point that was argued by the government unsuccessfully at trial. and that the government has also shown a likelihood of success in its argument that the district court erred in ruling ยง 654 [the DADT law] unconstitutional on its face.

They also go on to argue that  the worldwide injunction against all enforcement of DADT — is improper because no class had been certified in the case. In other words, because this was not a class-action lawsuit, representing all those impacted by the alleged wrong, an all-encompassing injunction like that ordered by Phillips is improper
DADT is now officially Obama’s policy. It was dead, and now he’s bringing it back. No one can blame Bill Clinton anymore for the continuing existence of the bigoted policy. Obama owns it now. He is responsible for blatant bigotry and discrimination of Gay and Lesbian individuals.  Plan and simple.

Perhaps the Ninth Circut will surprise us.  But I wouldn’t hold my breath