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Retiring Barney Frank Calls Some Trans Activists All-Or-Nothing Menality “Polictically Stupid”—Poll

From the Washington Blade:

Blade: The trans bill in Massachusetts became an issue to some—

Frank: An issue to whom?

Blade: Some of the more outspoken trans activists, who say they are outraged because it includes employment, housing and other protections but not public accommodations protections.

Frank: No, I would say ridiculous trans activists who are outraged, who would prefer there be no rights for employment than this. That is an example of their political stupidity. They may be very bright about other things. I don’t see how anybody can see that as a rational argument right now, nor, by the way, do I think it represents five percent of our community. I don’t even think it represents a majority of the transgender people. How can it possibly be – and by the way, these people don’t know history, because I will tell you that Martin Luther King and the other civil rights leaders would not for a second have hesitated to accept that deal. They were constantly moving toward making things better but those are both examples, I think, of the political maturity of our community – of knowing how to go about it. And I think as a result we are on the verge – well, by the way, we did the same thing with ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.’ We didn’t abolish ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.’ We didn’t ban statutorily discrimination against us in the military. We banned the requirement that we discriminate. And there was some, ‘Oh, gee, how do you know they maybe will not do it fairly?’ I think we are on the verge of a very complete victory within a dozen years or so. That is, I think the country is supportive. It gets better generationally. I don’t think people will be allowed to marry in every state, unfortunately, 10 years from now. I think people in those states where a majority of people live will be allowed to marry and will have full federal rights.

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The Employee Non Discrimination Act (EDNA) Is Stalling In Congress

The status of ENDA today is bleak for any passage or even work this year and it seems to be, as always the fault of The Senate (That IMO needs to be dismantled)

This issue is just not ready for the Senate,” said an LGBT advocate and political insider who spoke on the condition of anonymity. “The procedural aspects of debate would make it way too easy for a [Sen. Jim] DeMint or a [Sen. Tom] Coburn to demagogue.” 

Recently Nancy Pelosi told The Washington Blade that lawmakers need to complete their work on “don’t ask, don’t tell” before moving on to ENDA. “Our work is not finished in that regard, so one thing at a time,” Pelosi said.

Well we all know the clusterfuck that the DADT (Non repeal) has become so it looks like we’ve been screwed again.

Right after Obama was elected and the stalling began I predicted that if LGBT rights were not dealt with right away that they wouldn;t be until after the 2010 mid-term election.  But then we have will have to deal with the obvious loss that the Democrats are going to dealt on the hill and also to the gearing up for the Presidential election in 2012.

If it hasn’t become clear to you yet that they are slowing fucking us you are blind. In denial. Or both!

There is absolutely no excuse, for not passing ENDA in the Senate. ENDA, passed the senate under Bush when the Dems had a much smaller majority, and the White House had declared it’s firm opposition to the measure.

We are not a priority to them and in all honesty they are beginning to look like  in no way do they want to “give” us rights or “allow” us the same rights that their childeren and grandkids have.

We need to start looking at what we can not give to them in return and TAKE what is rightfully ours.

13 Chicago Gay Rights Activists Arrested in ENDA Sit-In At Senator Dick Durbin’s Office

A group of thirteen gay activists in Chicago have been arrested, cited, and released following a flashmob and sit-in protest at Senator Dick Durbin’s office over his lack of response to a pledge to support a transgender-inclusive Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA).

The activists Andrea Crain, Kevin Connaghan, Lindsey Dietzler, Roger Fraser, Judy Heithmar, Brent Holman-Gomez, Nik Maciejewski, Rachael McIntosh, Corrine Mina, Michael Oboza, Samantha Pajor, Sherry Wolf, Danelle Wylder have issued the following release:

“The activists arrived in Senator Durbin’s office at noon during a protest in support of ENDA that was taking place in front of the Federal Building. With Pledge in hand they arrived and stated they would not leave until the Senator signed the pledge. The Senator was not in the Chicago office and when the group asked to speak to the Senator via phone, they were told ‘that is not possible.’ They refused to leave until the pledge was signed. The staffer then called the Federal authorities to have them removed from the office.

‘I am here because we can no longer sit around and wait for our rights to be handed to us by politicians, we must demand our rights from them,’ said Lindsey Dietzler of LGBT Change and one of those arrested. ‘We have to be here to fight for those who are forced to remain invisible and deny who they are just to make a living. I want Senator Durbin to know that until there is full federal equality for every queer citizen, no one in this country is free.’


Nancy Pelosi Talks DADT And Warns EDNA Passage Might Get "UGLY" But She Has No Intention Of Losing Either

Nancy Pelosi told gay leaders and press on a conference call yesterday that she has “no intention of losing on either” DADT repeal or ENDA and discussed issues for both measures.  Pelosi relayed different avenues to passing both “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” repeal and the Employment Non-Discrimination Act this year and solicited feedback from advocates, according to two participants of the call. (Talking with Gay Inc.?  Now THAT scares me.)

According to Pelosi, a vote on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, once it’s added to the Defense Authorization bill, looks likely next week. and a  vote on ENDA, if it’s not called this week, would likely come the second week of June.

Pelosi also raised the specter of a motion to recommit from GOP members of the legislature, and it could get very ugly — so ugly they won’t discuss it in specifics.

The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force planned to hold a press conference in Washington, D.C., Tuesday urging a vote on ENDA. In addition, GetEqual, a new LGBT direct action organization, planned a demonstration outside Pelosi’s San Francisco district office Tuesday afternoon. The organization circulated a flier reading, “If we don’t get ENDA through the House now, it will DIE. Not just for this year — but probably for many years. We have the votes to pass ENDA in the House. Speaker Pelosi — Don’t delay, schedule this vote now!”

But again lets get real kids.  The main obstacle we are facing is Brack Obama himself. 

No one here flunked Civics. Some of us even managed to get out of college without breathing through our mouths. The real issue is Obama’s unwillingness to LEAD. To get out there and actually advocate something without giving a speech. To set his SecDef back on his heels for that idiotic letter. Presidents do not passively tell Congress to do something and then sit back and wait. Presidents, if they really want something done, actually advocate their positions constantly, in public. Obama did this with the Health Care debate, he was passive and had to really bust his rear end to get anything resembling momentum back on the bill, what passed might have been better than nothing, but it is pretty sorry compared to what he could have had if he had demonstrated leadership by leading instead of waiting.

Personally, I am sick, tired, and disgusted of the same old song and dance routine.

IF DADT and EDNA does not happen. 

I won’t vote Republican, but I WILL stay home.

Will The House Even Vote On EDNA And The DADT Repeal This Year? It’s Beginning To Like Like We’ve Been PUNK’D

Three articles today raise concern about prospects for progress on repeal of DADT and passage of ENDA in the House this year wgich is really alarming because time is running out.

The first article talks about how the House is taking a very non-controversial approach to the rest of the session. Via The Hill:

While not exactly sitting, the House has slowed its pace considerably since completing work on healthcare. In three of the past four weeks, the lower chamber has been in session just three days, with members arriving late Tuesday and heading back home by Thursday afternoon after scant debate and legislating.

That is by design, and isn’t likely to change, leadership aides say.

“Everything we’re doing now is with an eye on November,” one Democratic leadership aide said. “The agenda has got to be things we can sell, and that we have time to sell.

In Washington Polit-hack speak, that means LGBT equality issues don’t fall into “things we can sell.”

Next up we have An article from the Washington Post on ENDA, focuses on the fact that the bill provides protections for transgendered workers. There is, of course, the perfunctory hatefulness from the Traditional Values Coalition. Reporters sure love to reprint TVC’s garbage without rebuttal from any organization on our side. But, more ominous is the message from one of the leading Blue Dogs

“I don’t think they should bring it up,” said Rep. Heath Shuler (D-N.C.), the former Washington Redskins quarterback-cum-congressman. “First, let’s get our fiscal house in order.”

Shuler, who serves as chief whip for the Blue Dog Coalition, said moderates have “walked the plank a lot around here on things that never go anywhere in the Senate” and that asking them to vote on a transgender bill in this year’s political climate would be “a mistake.” Asked whether he thought the bill would ever reach the floor, he said, “I can’t imagine that it would.”

Not that we’d expect a right-winger like Shuler to support equality, but his message is consistent with how many members of the Democratic caucus feel right now about most issues. And, Blue Dogs often call the shots on Capitol Hill (with assistance from their pals, Rahm Emanuel and  his butt-boy Jim Messina.)

Then, Chris Johnson has an interview with Speaker Pelosi about the repeal of DADT that is SO less than inspiring:

U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told reporters Thursday that she remains uncertain about how lawmakers will address “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” this year, although she said inclusion of repeal as part of defense budget legislation would be an optimal vehicle for passage.

“As you probably are well aware, I have never supported ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,’ and look forward to a time soon when it will no longer be the policy,” she said in response to a Blade inquiry. ”How we get from here to there – we’ll make those determinations as we go forward”

In a nutshell kids Our rights are not sellable, to them. All we were, and continue to be, is a source of money, votes and volunteering and all that gets us is a few crumbs here and there. We are barely a demographic worth exploiting. We are not feared or respected. And THAT is something we MUST become

We need to face facts and stop hanging on threads of promises that aren’t going to happen,  We got punked, fucked over, betrayed, sold a bunch of snake oil, whatever.

Now we need to figure out what to do NEXT?

Whats "Too Gay" Today? – Writer Goes Undercover At Ex-Gay Camp, Alexander Skarsgard Vamp On Man Sex Scene, Embrace Your Love Handels, and The Family Research Council: ENDA Will Turn America Into Canada!

*  Writer Ted Cox went undercover at a charlatan and  “Certified Life Coach” Rich Wyler’s “Journey Into Manhood” camp a 48-hour weekend retreat designed to help gay men become straight.  And it eas TRULY GAY  and scary and according to Cox and included participating in astoundingly homoerotic activities such as demonstrate three different “healing touch” techniques.

First: Side-by-side, where two men sit shoulder-to-shoulder, facing the same direction, their legs outstretched in front of them. The man giving the Healing Touch puts one arm around the receiver.

Second: The Cohen Hold, named after “certified sexual re-orientation coach” and Healing Touch pioneer Richard Cohen. For this position, the receiver sits between the legs of the giver, their chests perpendicular, the receiver’s head resting on the giver’s shoulder. The giver encircles his arms around the receiver.

Third: The Motorcycle. The receiver again sits between the legs of the giver; this time, the receiver leans his back up against the chest of the giver. Again, the giver wraps his arms around the receiver

Of course these all came with the prerequisite hidden boners in jeans and gropes and such

It’s a GREAT read and I highly reccomend it

*  Swedish stud and True Blood’s resident piece of “Vampcake”Alex Skarsgard told People magazine that he doesn’t mind removing his clothes, despite being teased about it occasionally by his five brothers and one sister. ‘I’m not a prude at all,’ he says. ‘I shot a very, very graphic scene two days ago with a man. I am from Sweden, and it’s different there. If it makes sense, I’ll just do it. And to me, so far, it’s made sense every single time I’ve got naked or made out on the show.'” Good for us!  I mean good for you Alex, great attitude!.

*  Embrace your love handels!  A body of research is emerging that suggests that there’s little risk to carrying a few extra pounds. And there may even be some benefit. Indeed, people who are 10-to-15 pounds overweight appear to have no greater risk of dying than those of so-called “normal” weight.  Now this isn’t an invitation to eat an entire pig  for breakfast  but if fitness types wiser than I am say it’s OK to carry a few pounds IN MUH BUTT, I’m not going to go through the mental terrorism feedback loop that says “Calories in, calories out, eat that cupcake and society will toss you out.”

*  Family Research Council: ENDA Will Turn America Into Canada!  It has Storm clouds! Spinning graphics! Ominous drumbeats! OMFG MAPLE LEAFS!!!

3-ENDA – Just Look at Canada – Final from Derek Packard on Vimeo.

DNC 2010 Obama Video Leaves The LGBT Community Out, Rumors Swirl in DC That Rham Emmanuel and Jim Messina Are Threatening To Cut The Gay Community Off

In a video that President Obama has made to coincide with the DNC Grassroots project Organizing for America and DNC Chair Tim Kaine’s email blast to 13,000 Democrats begging for money and support in the 2010 mid-term elections, the LGBT Community is mysteriously absent but in the past, gays and lesbians have been included in lists such as these.

Says Obama in the video, in part: “So that’s what we’re going to do. … It will be up to each of you to make sure that the young people, African Americans, Latinos, and women, who powered our victory in 2008 stand together once again. … If you help us do that – if you help us make sure that first-time voters in 2008 make their voices heard again in November – then together we will deliver on the promise of change, hope, and prosperity for generations to come.”

Democrats have taken LGBT folks’ votes for granted, and failed to come through on most of their campaign promises to us, knowing full well that we don’t have any alternatives and would be fools to vote for Republicans? Why does this all sound so strangely familiar, almost as though it happens every four years? This is part of the problem. The Democrats aren’t the hand that feeds us, we’re (one of) the hand that feeds them. They’ve been slow to understand this, almost retarded in fact.

And now from AmericaBlog Gay comes this news:

There’s a rumor going around politically-connected circles in Washington, DC that White House Chief of Staff and dance belt wearing Rahm Emanuel and Deputy Chief of Staff Jim Messina are so upset that the gay community is challenging the President’s broken promises on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” ENDA, and DOMA that they’re now threatening to cut the gay community off entirely, and do nothing more for the gays for the rest of the Obama administration.  (Which let’s get real will probably be only 2 more years.)

If this is true then it only proves what a petty, vindictive little men Obama, Emmanuel, and Messina really are .And it’s well past the time to stand up to them and get in thier face and let them know that we will not take this treatment any longer.

Gay Activist GetEQUAL Disrupt House Committe Meeting To Deliver Mark-ups Fof ENDA – Committe Member "That’s The Problem With This We Are Never Going To Satisfy Them" – (VIDEO)

Today GetEQUAL disrupted a meeting of the House Education and Labor Committee and delivered a set of markers to Chairman Miller, urging mark-up and vote on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA.}

From the Dallas Voice:

The activists approached Chairman George Mitchell, D-California, and attempted to hand him a marker. Mitchell refused to take the marker but told the activist that the committee plans to take action on ENDA soon. ‘We’re working on it as expeditiously as we can,’ Miller said. The audio on a live stream of the committee hearing then cut out for a few minutes. When it returned, Mitchell explained to the audience that the interruption was related to ENDA. ‘It’s not an easy piece. of legislation,’ Miller said. ‘It’s a really complicated piece of legislation. We want to get it right, but we expect to have it before this committee in the very near future.'”

Now watch the videotape below of the episode.  At the 0:45 mark before the audio “mysteriously” cuts out you can hear a committe member say “this is the problem with this, there’s no end to it. We’re never going to satisfy them” Did he call us “them”? And use the word “satisfy” in a way that describes equal rights like it’s a reward?

Go GetEqual!!! Those who deride their methods would have said the same about some of the pioneers in other civil rights movements. God forbid we upset the apple cart or someone gets arrested. Those with that attitude are not helping.

Larry Kramer said you have to have anger in order to protest effectively and effect change….he was right on the mark.

"President NOT For DADT Repeal This Year" Barney Frank States – April and May To Be Decision Time For EDNA and DADT

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We’re about to find out if all the talk about LGBT Equality from Obama and the Democrats was truly meant, or was total bullshit just to get us onboard the Obama Express during his election campaign.
Over the next couple days, we’re going to see how motivated Democrats are to take up pro-gay legislation.  Already theres been rtalk by House Democrats that the members don’t want to take any “tough votes” for the rest of the year and after the DISASTER with Health Care reform I am willing to bet that the Democratic caucus would consider DADT and ENDA among the “tough votes”.
The idea that Congress is going to screw us any pro-LGBT legislation is looking a very real prospect.  And this is something I predicted waaaaay baaaack after Obama got elected.  That they would put us on the back burner until after the 2010 midterms and Obama’s re-election campaign in 2012.  But they screwed up SO MUCH with Health Care that and couldn’t control their own party that we are in serious danger of now losing the House this November. If we don’t get ENDA and DADT this year (not to mention DOMA and everything else), then we may not be getting it for many years and years to come.

HRC President Joe Solmonese, and resident Democratic ass-kisser promised that DADT would be repealed this year. He promised that there was a plan, and the White House is following through on the plan. Now we hear that the President isn’t for repeal this year, and that Barney Frank is frustrated and disappointed with the administration on DADT. This is really terrible news. It means the White House has turned its back on its own promises to our community.
The REAL question is.  What are WE going to do about it?  Certainly we will NOT leave it up to Joe Solmonese and the HRC.  When are we going to take to the steets and DEMAND OUR RIGHTS!

Rep. Jared Polis Says EDNA To Pass House Within Weeks. Shouldn’t Someone Tell Joe Solomese And The HRC?

Someone should contact Joe Solmonsleaze Solmonese and the Human Rights Campaign because Rep. Jared Polis, the openly gay Coloradan Democrat says the Employment Non-Discrimination Act is going to pass in just a few weeks and  there’s movement on the issue.and surprisingly the HRC which collects tens of millions of dollars every year with the promise it will lobby lawmakers and work with them to push ahead legislation just like this doesn’t seem to know anything about it.

Said Polis to Frontiers’s Karen Ocamb:

“We have the votes to pass ENDA in the House and we hope to bring it before the committee I serve on – the Education Labor Committee – within the month – by the end of April,” he tells Frontiers’s Karen Ocamb. “And then, once it passes the committee, it shouldn’t take more than a couple of weeks – a week or two – to schedule it for the floor. It’s just a scheduling matter. We think we would have passed it by now if it wasn’t for healthcare taking up much of the workload of our committee. I don’t know about the Senate – but in the House, we expect to pass out substantially. It has substantial support. The Senate requires 60 votes so it’s a matter of getting some Republican moderates to support it.”

Now Polis just might be talking out oif his ample ass for fundraising purposes and is offering hope, where there isn’t any. There may be enough support in the House, but none in the US Senate. and then theres the fact that Nancy Pelosi promised her Members that she wouldn’t bring ENDA up for a vote before the Mid-terms unless the Senate had the votes to pass it. There are only 51 supporters of ENDA in the US Senate. Because LGBT-issues are non-negotiable and that isn’t about to change. Despite the hundreds of millions spent by HRC to lobby Congress every year (suppossedly) and they have never changed a single vote!

Consideing that HRC is on lockdown and working hard on it’s trying to defend its total “lameness” as an organization it’s not surprising that once again it’s out of the loop.  But be certain of one thing.  If EDNA does pass they will be the first to step forward and take the credit and as soon as they hear about what Polis said a donation letter should be hitting your inbox shortly.