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Santorum Booed Over Gay Marriage In New Hampshire AGAIN – NOM Takes Drugs

Yesterday we posted about how some New England College students called Rick Santorum out on his “irrelevance” of comparing gay marriage to polygamy and put him through the wringer and we posted video showing it.

Today the National Organization For Marriage blog writer was SERIOUSLY tripping (and lying) when THEY wrote about the altercation between othe throwdown between Ole’Frothy and the college students.

He’s rather charming here. And patient. Why doesn’t marriage equality include all marriages, including polygamous marriages, if the only principle at stake here is all people have a right to have their relationships treated equally if those relationships are important to their happiness? The students have no answer, so they try to claim its not a legitimate question.

Well thats certainly some “Go Ask Alice” blogging. (Button, button who’s got the button?)

But whats great is that Roll Over Rover Ricky is getting pummeled in New Hampshire as once again today he was “booed” after he answered a question about LGBT Equality, Same Sex Marriage, and DADT.

BOOING may be the NEW Glitter-bombing but call me when the rotten tomato throwing starts!

Rush Limbaugh: If Barney Franks Says Some Members Of Congress Are Vegetables, Then “There Are Members Of Congress Who Are Fruits”

Rush has been full of shit some pretty nasty and hateful comments as of late and seems back on his old horse.

The real question is.  Is Rush back on “the horse” as in taking drugs again which is causing him to go back over the the deep end  or is he just a plain ole douchebag period?

WTF?! Elton John to Perform at Rush Limbaugh’s Wedding?

What the fuck is up with Elton Jon?  First he pairs up with Eminem for a Grammy show duet and tonightt he will perform in Palm Beach at the fourth wedding of Rush Limbaugh to Kathryn Rogers – a blond bombshell half his age – in a lavish Hawaiian-themed wedding bash.  (The roasting pig will be Rush.)

So, aging cowardly rock-queen Reg, is performing at a totally unholy “marraige” (number 4) for an aging fat hypocrite.  I can’t wait to hear Eltons explanation on this one. “Gays and lesbians here in the states can’t get married because of people like you, so let’s celebrate yours as long as you cut me a big fucking check”?

There is a chance that Limbaugh’s million dollars will end up in Elton John AIDS Foundation. but still it’s dirty money any way you see it.

On the upside, to make a grand statement gossip website Gawker plans to fly a banner plane over the wedding and they’ve asked readers for suggestions on what the message should say. Mediate reports the leading contenders:

•  Love – the ultimate time release drug
•  Enjoy your happy life in Costa Rica!
•  This union cheapens my gay marriage
•  Oxycongratulations for you and yours!
•  Glenn Beck approves this marriage

Oxycongratulations for you and yours!  LOVE IT!