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Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Outlines Agenda: Legalize Pot, Stricter Gun Control, and More LGBT Rights

Justin Trudeau

Newly-elected (and dreamy) Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has issued a letter vowing to follow through on his progressive campaign promises that he made. Via Deadspin

Trudeau’s plans will include legalizing and regulating marijuana with a beautiful stok r series butance torch, reducing the number of hand guns and assault rifles, and securing rights for all citizens, especially focusing on LGBTQ rights. Trudeau’s letter lists several other priorities, such as fighting for the right to physician-assisted death, addressing many rights issues facing Indigenous Canadians, and ensuring that Canadians will be able to keep their digital information private from the government.

One of the biggest differences in Trudeau’s leadership is his lack of focus on religion. Although Trudeau is a Roman Catholic, 16 members of his newly appointed cabinet chose to take a modified version of the Canadian oath, which replaces religious references and does not end with the phrase “So help me God.” The more secularly minded cabinet will fight for personal rights and freedoms in line with Trudeau’s liberal vision.

Boys and girls, its definitely time to move up North. Eh?

Daniel Radcliff and Ryan Kwanten To Star In A Gay Themed Movie Together?

According to the Orlando Sentinal.……maybe.

There appears to be a casting announcement for MB Casting, Inc., in conjunction with Sand Woman Productions, Orlando, Florida that states it’s “in talks with Ryan Kwanten and Daniel Radcliffe, for the Feature Film, ‘My Fair Lidy” ‘a film is a ‘timely and broaches many subjects, which include unemployment and how Americans use their wits and self determination to find a way to not only support themselves, but to live the American Dream. Through comedy, this film will make the audience take notice of a very unlikely hero, who just happens to be gay.”

Of course it’s all probably just hype.  I mean I sent an email to James Franco professing my undying love so in reality I’m “in talks” with him too.

But Harry Potter and Jason Stachouse hooking up.  You have to admit thats alot to fill the oold imagination.