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Republican Gay Organization (Shudder) GOPROUD Hosts Reception At Gay Boycotted Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego, CA

The Gay Republican Group, ASSHOLES GOPROUD hosted a reception today for Tammy Bruce, the lesbian conservative radio show host who believes marriage should be reserved for one man and one woman at none other than the Gay and Union boycotted Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego, (You remember, Manchester Grand Hyatt owner Doug Manchester donated over $125,000  to pass Prop 8.  So we REALLY hate him.)

So not only are these moronic and traitorous gay assholes hostong the reception and staying there.  They are GLOATIING ABOUT IT!

ASSHOLES GOPROUD’s Chairman Christopher Barron, tweeted earlie today.

Now I know churches can excommunicate disobedient members…Is there anything we can do to kick these swine out of the gay fold? 

Oh wait, I feel I must apologize to pigs everywhere. I realize that you’re clean, intelligent animals and I’m sorry for comparing you to gay republicans.

SuperDouche Carrie "I Touch Myself" Prejean To Wed Kyle Boller In Gay Boycotted Grand Del Mar Hotel

In a final “fuck you” to the gay community, Miss Summer’s Eve (Carrie Prejean) will wed (lousy) NFL quarterback Kyle Boller in San Diego at Doug Manchester’s Grand Del Mar Hotel. Manchester’s hotels which have been boycotted and picketed by gays and gay-friendly organizations ever since it was revealed that he contributed more than $125,000 to Protect Marriage.

Carrie proves once again that she is a pretty petty loathsome human being.

And this is all clearly so personal and probably has to do with Carries parents nasty divorce which was filled with homosexual allegations hurled by both sides. In one of the docs, Carrie’s dad describes a confrontation he had with her mom in 1996, in which he recounts an argument in a restaurant parking lot, where ‘Ms. Prejean accused me, in front of our daughter, of homosexuality.’ The papers also quote a court-appointed doctor who said ‘The mother questioned [within hearing of the girls] whether [her father] was a homosexual or had a homosexual roommate.’

It goes beyond a political stance with this bitch. She wants to cause personal hurt to some gay, any gay.

Undoubtedly the bitch will wear white.

You can all start laughing now.

Tensions Rise Between The American Historical Association And The Committee for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender History As Protests Continue Outside The Manchester Grand Hyatt In San Diego

Tensions were evident between the AHA and the Committee for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender History business meeting – there have been miscommunications between the two groups, and a number of members felt that the AHA had not done enough to inform its membership of alternatives to accommodations at the Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego which has been under boycott by the LGBT Community since it became public knowledge that the buidings owner Doug Manchester donated $125,000.00 to have gay marriage deeated in California.  About 4,000 association members — a tweedy mix of college professors, history teachers and librarians — are attending the conference that organizers decided to hold there rather than pay steep cancellation penalties that would have been incurred upon them if they cancelled.

According to one Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender History committee member, not enough has been done to encourage members to avoid purchasing, where possible, from stores, bars, and restaurants within the Grand Hyatt. The threaded mini-conference, however, has been the most attention the AHA has ever paid to LGBTQ history, with the seminars prominently positioned in the guidebook and drawing fairly large crowds, by AHA standards.

Meanwhile, more than 200 gay-rights activists and union members representing hotel employees rallied outside the Manchester Grand Hyatt on Saturday in the latest protest over the owner’s support for a ban on gay marriage.  The protesters banged on drums and waved rainbow flags while chanting “Boycott the Hyatt — Check! Out! Now!”

Some conference participants joined in protest on Saturday. One was Joseph Varga, an assistant professor of labor studies at Indiana University, who showed his support for the boycott by wearing a sign around his neck reading: “Angry queer historian.”  Also many members of the CLGBTH plan to demonstrate in the protest planned for 2:00 PM Sunday outside the hotel and others plan to hand out pamphlets in the Grand Hyatt  throughout the day encouraging convention-goers to avoid purchasing any items in the Grand Hyatt. The motto of the boycott is “don’t eat, meet, or greet” at the Grand Hyatt, and the CLGBTH plans to publicize ways that historians can comply with the boycott

The Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego Blames Unions For The Ongoing LGBT Boycotts. WTF?

Andy over at Towleroad.com has posted a letter that he recieved from The Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel in San Diego.

For those of you who might not remember, the hotels owner sleazeball Doug Hyatt gave $125,000 to the Prop 8 campaign to overturn gay marriage in California because his “catholic roots” are gainst it. (But that didn;t stop him from divorcing his wife and hiding his money so she couldn;t get it in the settlement)  Anyway, since then the LGBT Community has been boycotting the Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego and rightfully so.

This weekend the American Historical Association is holding its annual convention at the hotel, unfortunately it is a LARGE convention and they booked the rooms well before Prop 8 went to vote and Manchesters donation became public but the AHA does plan to include forums on same-sex marriage as part of its agenda. and in a memo (via Rex Wockner) The Committee on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender History, an affiliate society of the American Historical Association, tells its members that it “stands in full solidarity with the local community in San Diego and with the goals of the boycott organizers” and urging them to “act up”:

“We ask that conference participants take all opportunities possible to clearly and visibly express their opposition to Manchester’s actions, and that those participating in and attending the mini-conference on historical perspectives on same-sex marriage take the opportunity to act up inside the hotel in solidarity with those organizing and observing the boycott.”

Bravo to The Committee on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender History.  (You can read the full pdf. memo HERE.)

Well The Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego released a statement to Towleroad regarding the planned demonstrations in which it states that the LGBT Community boycott and demostrations are being manipulated by the Unions which the Hyatt is having problems with because its a cheap ass company.

Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego would like to acknowledge the activities taking place this weekend both inside and outside our hotel property.

Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego welcomes the American Historical Association (AHA) to our hotel. The AHA has confirmed a block of more than 4,000 room nights. The AHA Executive Committee honored their contract with Hyatt and they decided not to bow to the pressure of outside groups to cancel their convention. The AHA is including numerous sessions on their schedule regarding same-sex marriage issues in a variety of contexts. These sessions have also been made available to the public.

There are a number of outside organizations that are intentionally targeting Manchester Grand Hyatt under the guise of the equality movement with a hidden Union agenda. This is both misleading to the public and to the activists that respect and follow the organizations and their leadership. Hyatt has a significant history of support for the LGBT community, spanning several years with multiple awards and recognitions, which is unparalleled in the hospitality business.

Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego will continue to welcome and celebrate guests and patrons of all backgrounds, faiths and orientations – as we also respect and support constructive exhibitions of free speech. Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego looks forward to welcoming our guests from the American Historical Association and appreciates their loyalty 

The above statement looks to me like its from from Hyatt Corp and the Mgmt of that hotel. Yes, the money  money was donated by the owner of the building and although I can understand Hyatt wanting to distance themselves from Manchester, no one believes, and it is disingenuous to suggest, that it is in any way about Unions.   That in itself is a very low blow from the Hyatt Corp suggusting that the Unions are manipulating these boycotts.

It will be a cold day in hell before I stay at ANY Hyatt again.  That I can assure you.