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Maryland House Rejects Move to Impeach Md. Attorney General Doug (The Stud) Gansler Over Stance On Gay Marriage

Doug (The Stud) Gansler

Well the HATERS lost out again yesterday when The Maryland House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday rejected a resolution to impeach the state attorney general over an opinion issued this year on gay marriage by a 14-6 vote.

Maryland law defines marriage as between a man and woman, but Attorney General Doug (The Stud)Gansler wrote that the state generally acknowledges couples married elsewhere. Maryland is one of six states that does not specifically address the validity of same-sex marriages from other states.

The impeachment measure was introduced by Delegate Don (Douchebag) Dwyer, R-Anne Arundel, who argued “It is clear that this opinion usurped the authority of the Maryland General Assembly,” Dwyer said while rambelingly explaining the resolution for more than 10 minutes on the House floor and requesting a vote by the full House.

But the House decided it should be referred to the House Judiciary Committee instead. A vote that would have required the entire House of Delegates to vote on the impeachment failed 39-101 after sparking a debate on the issue.