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Douche of the Week: “Porno Pete” LaBarbera Attacks Gay Blogger Jeremy Hooper And Innocent Baby

porno pete



“Porno Pete” LaBarbera of the anti-gay group Americans for Truth About Homosexuality has sunk so low and is sio desperate that he is now attacking children with gay parents without even waving the Bible as a shield.

Just a few days ago well respected gay blogger Jeremy Hooper of the anti-gay watchdog LGBT website Good As You and his husband became the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl. Upon hearing the newsr LaBarbera took to his  Twitter page and posted the following:

“No mommy for THIS baby whose “gay” dad is Jeremy Hooper. At least in old days gay activists didn’t acquire babies”

LaBarbera has crossed the line and taken his self righteous hate to a whole new low level.  Not content with just attacking Hooper which LaBarbera has done before when he posted a screencap from Hooper’s wedding video and wrote the word “perversion” on it.   Now he has the audacity to attack an innocent baby.


I’ll get the tar, you get the feathers and meet me in Naperville, IL,

Peter LaBarbera asshole