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FOX Propaganda Talk Host Tucker Carlson Claims Pete Buttigieg “Breastfeeds”

FOX Propaganda Talk Host Tucker Carlson Claims Pete Buttigieg “Breastfeeds” 

“Tucker Carlson brutally mocked Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg as an unqualified “kid” who “breastfeeds,” and has no business running the agency. The crack was part of a broader monologue the ridiculed the idea that social and racial equity has a critical role to play in rebuilding the nation’s infrastructure.. After presenting the sorry state of public infrastructure in the United States, the Fox News host explained that Joe Biden should have appointed a “competent” person to be transportation secretary. He added, cackling, “This guy, who literally couldn’t fix the potholes in South Bend, Indiana, is now the transportation secretary. But he breastfeeds so it’s equity! It’s unbelievable!”

Tucker carlson – fox news talk host via mediate

Besides the fact that TucKKKer Carlson has no right to lecture anyone on manliness. (Just like Josh Hee-Hawley) So let’s instead talk about Tucker\s support for Russian aggression in the Ukraine. Let’s talk about his pal, the crook who runs Hungary. Let’s talk about the fact no one would know who this little dick is except for his Swanson relations. He isn’t funny or smart. He is a traitor and prick.

Tucker Carlson: Enema of the People

Video – Rick Santorum Tells Gay Man You Don’t Deserve The “Privilege” To Get Married

Rick (Is he still in the race?) Santorum that walking ad Summers Eve disposable douche at a campaign stop in Fulton, Missouri explained to a gay man why gay men and lesbian women do not deserve the “special privilege” to get married to each other.

“It is an intrinsic good…And as a result of that, we extend a privilege. We extend certain privileges to people who do that because we want to encourage that behavior…”

Good ole Frothy opens his mouth and gives witness to his incredible and his kinds incredible ignorance and hate.

Thankfully the one thing we can be sure of is that long before Rick Santorum becomes President of anything, this gentleman who asked the question, will be able to marry.

Rick Santorum, soon to be the 8-Track of politics

Rick Perry’s New TV Ad Openly Attacks Gays, Sucks Up To The Extreme Religious Right

“I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a Christian, but you don’t need to be in the pew every Sunday to know there’s something wrong in this country when gays can serve openly in the military but our kids can’t openly celebrate Christmas or pray in school. As President, I’ll end Obama’s war on religion. And I’ll fight against liberal attacks on our religious heritage. Faith made America strong. It can make her strong again.”
 What a fucking douchebag!  And an idiot to boot.
Other than the fact that the “no prayer in school thing” happened decades ago, started by Madeline Murray O’Hare; that led to the Supreme Court ruling in 1963 when Obama was 2 years old the sheer audacity of this closet case to to say that gays and lesbians who serve proudly and lay down their lives for this country cannot be respected just to suck up to a an extremist religious fringe part is disguting and beneath contempt.
There’s nothing worse than a Republican politician who is losing an election – bring out the intolerance, hate and fear – spout out some of the most un-American sentiments there is and hope the extremist take the bait
Rick Perry needs a good bitch-slapping and his Grecianed Forumla brown hair pulled out by its gray roots

NOM’s Brian Brown Just LOVES Michigan’s “License to Bully” Law

A few days ago we reported that the Michigan GOP controlled Senate has passed a piece of “supposed”anti-bullying Legislation that exempts statements based on moral convictions of any school related person from being charged as bullying.  (In other words actually provides protection for certain children and adults to abuse and harass gay kids.)

And guess what?

Brian Brown (shirt) of The National Organization for Marriage just loves the idea:

Are some major political players openly now asserting that protecting gay children from bullying—a worthy goal—requires giving the government the right to prohibit thoughtful and civil expressions of religious or moral viewpoints? What would become of our democracy if we accepted this reckless premise? I hope Michigan’s effort to civilize children by repressing bullying becomes a landmark of a new effort to genuinely address the legitimate concerns of parents—including parents with gay teens—without heavy-handed use of government power to repress and exclude Christian views on sex and marriage.”

“Thoughtful and civil expressions of religious or moral viewpoints”?!?

Is that what they’re calling a fractured jaw and two black eyes now?

I wish some state would construct a law that would openly allow me to let my size 13 sneaker plant itself far up Brian Browns ass!


AFA SpokesBIGOT Bryan Fischer Inducts NJ Gov Chris Christie Into “The American Association of Religious Bigots”

Bryan Fischer of the officially recognized hate group the American Family Association is taking the fake “Christian Victimization” game to the next level by making up a brand new “shame group” which he has named the American Association of Religious Bigots or AARB for short. 

Via Right Wing Watch:

The AARB will consist of individuals and groups in America who demonstrate that they are Christophobic bigots and hatemongers by their opposition to the free exercise of religion, speech, press or association for followers of Christianity, a religion the Founders were specifically protecting by the First Amendment

Blah, blah, fucking blah blah…….

And who does SuperFreak Fischer pick as it’s first official inductee into the AARB?  Republican NJ Governor Chris Christie for saying he found New Jersey school teacher Viki Knox’s anti-gay Facebook rants “disturbing”.

Our charter member is New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who yesterday publicly criticized a New Jersey teacher who criticized her public school’s promotion of sexually aberrant behavior. She exercised both her freedom of religion and speech by posting her comments on her own Facebook page.

This Christian teacher expressed her opposition to the school’s celebration of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender history by correctly labeling such behaviors as “perverted.” That may sound harsh, but consider the dictionary definition of “perverted:” “Characterized by sexually abnormal and unacceptable practices or tendencies.” So her assessment is not harsh, it’s just true.

Well, governor, consider me concerned about the “kinds of statements” you’re making. You are the chief executive officer of your state, and for you to use the power of your office as an instrument of religious bigotry is unacceptable.

So Gov. Christie is joining with those calling for her head by saying her comments are “disturbing.” That makes Gov. Chris Christie a religious bigot, someone who wants this teacher punished for expressing her sincerely held religious views. Thus the governor becomes the officially certified charter member of the AARB, officially certified by yours truly and the Focal Point radio program

Now me personally,  I’m a bit disturbed that I wasn’t the first inductee.

But you know what Bryan Fischer is going to find disturbing?  When Chris Christie sits on his insane bigoted ass after hearing about this.


New Slang Submitted To The Urban Dictionary In Honor Of Chris Barron & GOProud – "GINO"

Gay In Name Only (GINO): Pejorative term referring to gays whose political and social views or actions are considered anti-gay or otherwise insufficiently conforming and/or supportive to gay issues.

Just waiting upon approval!

*Thanks to the ever handsome and always available for hot redheads @RoyMcKenzie for the submission

Video – Code Pink Protestor Glitter-Bombs GOP Pres Hopeful Tim Pawlety In San Francisco

Tim Pawlety got a much deserved welcome from a two Code Pink protestor at his “Courage to Stand” book signing in San Francisco who glitter-bombed Pawlety while shouting “”Where’s your courage to stand for gay rights and women’s reproductive rights, Tim Pawlenty? Welcome to San Francisco. Home of gay hero Harvey Milk!”

Now thats what we’re talkin about kids.  Stand up and push back. Make a statement.  Any statement.

As silly as it seemd to some of you out there even something like this makes them realize that we are becoming fed up and we are just going to push back more and more.  Basically we need to scare the shit out of them

These two women are HEROES in my book.

Video – GOP Presidential Wannabe Rick (Man On Dog) Santorum: "Gays Deserve NO Privileges"

“They have the right to be able to — employment. I don’t know what you mean by rights. What I’m talking about are privileges. Privileges of marriage, privileges of government benefits is a different thing than basic rights to live their lives as they well should and can as free Americans.”

Roll over Rover let Rick “Frothy Mix” Santorum take over because yesterday the GOP homophobic bigot went all rabid and Cujo on FOX-NEWS declaring that “gays should have no privileges”