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MN Vikings Chris Kluwe Sells “Lustful Cockmonster” T Shirts To Raise Funds For Marriage Equality.

Just when you thought Minnesota Vikings LGBT Equality Ally Chris Kluwe couldn’t get any kewler.

Kluwe is now selling two tee-shirts bearing one of his famous “Kluweisms” with the proceeds going to benefit Minnesotans for Marriage Equality and his own charity Kick for a Cure which benefits Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

The shirts each of which bears Chris Kluwes signatures and hosts one of hs now famous “Kluweisms”. 

the shirts “Sparklepony” which is how Chris uniquely self censors his naughty words and “Lustful Cockmonster” which is not censored and a phrase that Kluwe sent in a letter Maryland state delegate Emmett C. Burns Jr saying that the passage of gay marriage wouldn’t “magically turn you (him) into a lustful cockmonster.” are available in all sizes and the proceeds go to help two very good causes.

Get them here while they’re HOT!

I got mine! 

Go on.  Guess which one?  LOL!