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Cincinnati Bengal Cedric Benson Recieves Probation For Beating Of His “Alleged” Boyfriend

Cincinnati Bengals running back Cedric Benson (pictured left in the tan shirt) who has a history long of arrests related to drug and alcohol abuse. was brought up on charges of “assault causing bodily injury to a family member” for beating his “longtime roommate” Charles Clavens.  (To quote The Boys In The Band “30 year old men don’t have roommates.”)
Benson approached Claven at 5am in the morning in thier apartment and said they “needed to talk about their problems,” and after a heated argument Benson punched and beat Claven repeatedly. 
Benson’s laywer has accused Clavens of blackmailing Benson  But Benson has agreed to pay Clemons an undisclosed amount of money and must complete 30 hours of community service to get the assault charges dismissed.
Benson currently holds a $7 million contract with the Cincinnati Bengals who it seems if you’re not committing some sort of felony or at least a few misdemeanors you aren’t on the team