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Dolly Parton Cuts Exclusive Deal With Anti-Gay Cracker Barrel Corporation – SHAME ON YOU TRUVY!

Dolly Parton in an interview with The Boot  shares her feelings about her gay fans and lightly touches on the fact that Dolly recently cut a deal to exclusively sell her new live album and DVD, An Evening With Dolly, and other exclusive products with the anti-gay CBRL Group Inc. (Cracker Barrel Restaurants)

 “We’re all God’s children no matter what. So, there was a lot of love and understanding and I think they felt that. Being a freak, I know what it’s like not being accepted. Not that they were freaks but I was. I just know, through the years, I’ve had people tell me I should do this or I shouldn’t do that. I have a lot of gay fans because they know that I just accept people as they are. That’s not my place to judge. I ain’t God and I ain’t runnin’ for office. But I was proud to be part of that. It makes you feel good.”

On why she’s aligned herself with Cracker Barrel Dolly Parton is either oblivious or in denial of the businesses anti-gay history and policies saying:  “Anything I’ve got would fit in Cracker Barrel. They’re country, I’m country. I’m a good cook, they’re good cooks. We cook the same kind of food.”

Cracker Barrel  has a long history of discriminating against gays and blacks, both as employees and dinners. It had an HR policy from 1991 until 2002 that said “It is inconsistent with our concept and values, and is perceived to be inconsistent with those of our customer base, to continue to employ individuals in our operating units whose sexual preferences fail to demonstrate normal heterosexual values.” Seventeen workers were fired because they admitted or were assumed to be gay after the first few months that the policy was created.  A spokesperson in 2008 said Cracker Barrel “welcomes all guests, and our equal opportunity employment statement clearly states that we will not tolerate discrimination based on sexual orientation.” However, it does not offer diversity training, domestic partner benefits or any support for their LGBT employees. (If they hire any)

Cracker Barrel has a HRC Corporate Equality Index score of 15/100.

Seems like Dolly also accepts LGBT bigots “just as they” are as long as their money is green and plentiful.

Et tu, Dolly?

Porno Pete LaBarbera To Dolly Parton: “Where can normal families go?”

Poor “D-List” Hate Grifter (Porno) Pete LaBarbera of the nationally recognized hate group Americans For The Truth About Homosexuality.  Not only has  the IRS  revoked the tax-exempt status of his “non-profit” organization.  But Dolly Parton has also slighted Porno Pete by  apologizing to a lesbian couple for an incident in July in which one of the women, who was wearing a T-shirt with a slogan promoting gay marriage, was denied entrance to Dollywood’s Splash Country theme park until she turned the shirt inside out.  Sparking PornoPete to make the Aryan Nation Family Values style statement below:

The question is where can normal families go anymore to get away from the promotion of homosexuality? They can’t go to the ballpark because they’re promoting homosexuality. Apparently, family theme parks are now promoting homosexuality. Everywhere you go, people see the promotion of homosexuality — and they don’t think it’s appropriate for their children, and they’re tired of it.”

Porno Pete better be careful.  No one messes with Dolly Parton.  She turn him from a cock to a hen with one shot.