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The Importance of LGBT PRIDE: Celebrating Diversity and Promoting Equality

REMINDER: The Importance of PRIDE: Celebrating Diversity and Promoting Equality

Just a reminder for those who need it right now. *cough* Wilton Manors *cough”.

LGBT Pride, an annual celebration of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community, holds immense significance in today’s society now more than ever.

PRIDE promotes acceptance, fostering inclusivity, and advocating for equal rights. By raising awareness, celebrating diversity, and empowering individuals, LGBT Pride catalyzes positive change.

  1. Fostering Inclusivity and Equality: LGBT Pride serves as a powerful symbol of inclusivity and equality. By organizing parades, festivals, and educational events, Pride brings together people from diverse backgrounds, encouraging dialogue and fostering connections. These celebrations allow LGBT individuals to connect with allies and support networks, creating a sense of solidarity and unity. Moreover, Pride events raise awareness about the challenges faced by the LGBT community and advocate for equal rights. They provide an opportunity to engage with policymakers, promote legislation that protects LGBT rights, and drive social change. By highlighting the importance of equal treatment under the law and advocating for policies that ensure fairness, LGBT Pride contributes to building a more just and inclusive society for everyone.
  2. Empowering Individuals and Celebrating Diversity: LGBT Pride empowers individuals by providing a platform for self-expression and celebrating diversity. In a society that often marginalizes and silences LGBT voices, Pride events offer an inclusive space where individuals can embrace their authentic selves without fear of judgment or discrimination. It fosters self-acceptance, resilience, and pride in one’s identity, helping individuals to overcome the challenges they may face. By celebrating diversity, Pride encourages people to embrace their unique identities, challenging societal norms and fostering a more inclusive understanding of human sexuality and gender. This empowerment not only benefits the individuals but also positively impacts their communities by promoting a culture of acceptance and respect.
  3. Promoting Acceptance and Combating Prejudice: LGBT Pride plays a crucial role in promoting acceptance and combatting prejudice. For many years, members of the LGBT community have faced discrimination, marginalization, and oppression due to their sexual orientation or gender identity. Pride events provide a platform for individuals to come together, share their stories, and celebrate their identities openly. By creating a sense of belonging and community, Pride fosters understanding and challenges the stereotypes and stigmas associated with the LGBT community. It sends a powerful message to both LGBT individuals and the wider society that love and acceptance should prevail over discrimination and hate.

LGBT Pride plays a vital role in promoting acceptance, fostering inclusivity, and advocating for equal rights. By combatting prejudice, fostering dialogue, and empowering individuals, Pride celebrations create spaces where the LGBT community can be visible, celebrated, and respected. Through its emphasis on acceptance, equality, and diversity, LGBT Pride serves as a powerful force for positive social change, fostering a more inclusive and equitable society for all. It is essential to continue supporting and participating in Pride events to ensure that progress toward acceptance and equality continues.

FLORIDA take note: THIS is what PRIDE is all about. There is also one more aspect of PRIDE not mentioned: Courage. Something that seems to be lacking in the state as PRIDE celebrations are being canceled and neutered left and right.

WTF Jake? - STATE FARM Cancels Support of LGBT PRIDE Book Program After Complaints

WTF Jake? – STATE FARM Cancels Support of LGBT PRIDE Book Program After Complaints

State Farm will turn 100 years old next month, June which is PRIDE month. And for years State Farm has been a very good ally and supporter. Then State Farm has proved it’s actually a shitty neighbor when the Illinois-based corporation’s chief diversity officer sent an email to employees, stating it was dropping its “support of a philanthropic program, GenderCool,” saying it “has been the subject of news and customer inquiries.”

The program helps put LGBTQ-inclusive books into libraries and schools.

Via Raw Story:

According to  chief diversity officer Victor Terry: “This program that included books about gender identity was intended to promote inclusivity,. “We will no longer support that program.” And in an apparent bowing down to rising far right-wing extremism and anti-LGBT hate, the diversity expert declared, “conversations about gender and identity should happen at home with parents.”

Veteran activist and journalist Michelangelo Signorile, host calls State Farm’s actions “grotesque as LGBT rights are backsliding across the country. Now companies joining Ron DeSantis, MAGA and the ‘don’t say gay’ purge.”

State Farm in the past has made strong statements in support of LGBT equality and diversity. Just last June they tweeted: “We believe no one should be afraid to celebrate who they are. Let’s support our LGBTQ+ neighbors and show our Pride together!” 

Yeah right.

READ: Donald Trump's First Official Money Beg Sent 2 Hours After Being Indicted.

Donald Trump Bans ‘Anti-American’ Diversity Training in Federal Agencies

Donald Trump has ordered federal agencies to stop racial sensitivity training, labeling it “divisive, anti-American propaganda”.

In a memo sent to all government agencies Trump said it has come to his attention that millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money have funded such “trainings”.adding that these sessions only foster resentment in the workforce.

Friday’s two-page document from Donald Trump via the Office of Management and Budget Director Russell Vought stated:

All agencies are directed to begin to identify all contracts or other agency spending related to any training on ‘critical race theory,’ ‘white privilege,’ or any other training or propaganda effort that teaches or suggests either (1) that the United States is an inherently racist or evil country or (2) that any race or ethnicity is inherently racist or evil.”

The memo also falsely states that “according to press reports, employees across the Executive Branch have been required to attend training where they are told that ‘virtually all White people contribute to racism’ or where they are required to say that they ‘benefit from racism’.”

New Study Reveals Insights into the Intricate Genetic Architecture of Same-Sex Behavior

New Study Reveals Insights into the Intricate Genetic Architecture of Same-Sex Behavior

Two new studies and other analyses of the inheritance of sexual orientation in humans has indicated that same-sex sexual behavior has multiple genetic components but not a specific gene.

The NYT reports:

There might be thousands of genes influencing same-sex sexual behavior, each playing a small role, scientists believe. The new study found that all genetic effects likely account for about 32 percent of whether someone will have same-sex sex. Using a big-data technique called genome-wide association, the researchers estimated that common genetic variants — single-letter differences in DNA sequences — account for between 8 percent and 25 percent of same-sex sexual behavior. The rest of the 32 percent might involve genetic effects they could not measure, they said.”

The study analyzed 408,000 men and women from the U.K. Biobank between the ages of 40 and 69, and 70,000 customers of 23andMe with an average age of 51: “The researchers mainly focused on answers to one question: whether someone ever had sex with a same-sex partner, even once.”

Andrea Ganna, lead author and European Molecular Biology Laboratory group leader at the Institute of Molecular Medicine in Finland, said the research reinforces the understanding that same-sex sexual behavior is simply “a natural part of our diversity as a species.” The new study, published Thursday in the journal Science, is not the first to explore the link between genetics and same-sex behavior, but it is the largest of its kind, and experts say it provides one of the clearest pictures of genes and sexuality.

Overwatch Comic Reveals That Soldier 76 is Gay

Overwatch Comic Reveals That Soldier 76 is Gay

In “Bastet,” the latest Overwatch comic, Soldier 76 (aka Jack Morrison) reveals that he is gay in a series of flashbacks while looking at old pictures. One of those photos shows Soldier 76 next to a mysterious man named Vincent.

“Vincent deserved a happier life than the one [he] could give him.”

Soldier 76 immediately says that Vincent is already married and that he is happy for him. Soldier 76 continues that he won’t be able to give him a regular life due to his work and current status in life.

Michael Chu would confirm on Twitter, “Jack and Vincent were in a romantic relationship many years ago. Both identify as gay.”

It means Soldier/Jack is the second known gay character in Overwatch after cover-star Tracer was pictured with her girlfriend in the webcomic “Reflections” just over two years ago.

The real question is, who is Vincent? Is this Blizzard teasing a new Overwatch hero – one of the six we know are in development – or is Vincent simply a memory, an incidental character and a way to breathe more diversity in?

Only time will tell.

Land O'Lakes Names First Lesbian to CEO Fortune 500 Company

Land O’Lakes Names First Lesbian to CEO Fortune 500 Company

Land O’Lakes has named Beth Ford as the company’s first female CEO this week, making her the first openly lesbian woman CEO at a Fortune 500 company.

“I am extraordinarily grateful to work at a company that values family, including my own. The Board chose the person they felt best met the criteria to drive success in the business. I realize this is an important milestone for many people and I am pleased to share it.

I made a decision long ago to live an authentic life and if my being named CEO helps others do the same, that’s a wonderful moment,” she added.

While there are lesbian and bisexual CEOs at companies like Inga Beale at Lloyd’s of London and Martine Rothblatt, head of United Therapeutics, there were none before Ford leading Fortune 500 businesses.

Ms. Ford, will take charge of the nearly century-old company next Wednesday. She replaces longtime chief executive Chris Policinski, who retired in June.

Her first tasks will be to help Land O’Lakes and its farmers navigate the fallout of tariffs that Mexico and China have imposed on U.S. dairy products in response to U.S. duties on other goods.

Fantastic Beasts Sequel Director Will Not Include Dumbledore’s Homosexuality

In the next film in the Fantastic Beasts franchise a young Albus Dumbledore is intoduced for the first time  (played by Jude Law) and the movies focus is on the great wizard’s pursuit of the fugitive Grindelwald (Johnny Depp) in Paris.

Over 10 years ago J.K. Rowling surprised fans by revealing Hogwarts’ beloved headmaster Albus Dumbledore was gay, and was even in love with the notorious dark wizard Gellert Grindelwald during his youth until the two had a rather epic falling out.

So will Dumbledor’s being gay be part of the upcoming movie?

According to The Crimes of Grindelwald director David Yates, this year’s sequel, will not directly reference Dumbledore’s sexuality.

“Not explicitly,” Yates replied when asked if the film makes it clear that Dumbledore is gay. “But I think all the fans are aware of that. He had a very intense relationship with Grindelwald when they were young men. They fell in love with each other’s ideas, and ideology and each other.”

“Not explicity?” When it comes to showing diversity on the page or on the screen, extra-curricular knowledge just isn’t enough. Like the supposed gay characters in last years Guardians of the Galaxy, and Thor: Ragnarock (Valkyrie is supposedly bisexualthat were hinted to and never came to pass and were later explained away with off screen backstories.

So allow me to sum up the real storyline of The Crimes of Grindelwald: Albus Dumbledore is gay and director David Yates is a coward.





Eurovision's Croatian Entry Singer Jaques Houdek Once Crowned "Homophobe of the Decade"

Eurovision’s Croatian Entry Singer Jaques Houdek Once Crowned “Homophobe of the Decade”

Eurovision's Croatian Entry Singer Jaques Houdek Once Crowned "Homophobe of the Decade"

While the theme of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest  was “Celebrate Diversity” it has now comes to light that  Croatian singer Jaques Houdek has faced claims of homophobia after he was nominated as “Homophobe of the Decade” from the country’s biggest LGBT event, Zagreb Pride, in 2011. 

They awarded Houdek the questionable honor for calling same-sex unions ‘sick’.

In a 2005 interview Houdek gave to magazine Tena he also said the ‘gay and lesbian population cannot be equal with other citizens because it means a return to Sodom and Gomorrah’.

Houdek is a popular figure in Croatia, however, having produced 13 best-selling albums there; he originally rose to fame in the competition to become Croatia’s Eurovision entry in 2002, and is now one of the mentors on the country’s version of The Voice.

As reported by Pink News, Houdek published a denial statement in 2011 on Facebook, saying: “It is not true that I am [a] homophobe, which can be confirmed by my friends, colleagues and acquaintances from business circles who are gay.

“Likewise, any form of hatred does not correspond to my personality, so to call me [a] ‘hater’ or ‘greatest homophobe in Croatian show business’, is inappropriate, because no such evidence exists for such accusations…”

D.C. National Equality March Reveals More Details, Changes, and Poster Art

The National Equality March in Washington DC was announced months ago and now, only in the last few days have some more details come out out.

From an announcement posted to Facebook on Friday:

The Equality March for Unity and Pride named a diverse group of leaders with years of advocacy and community mobilization in LGBTQ+ liberation movements across the country and the world as 12 of its national co-chairs. The co-chairs will be responsible for guiding the ongoing development of the march, which will take place on June 11 in Washington, DC.

“This is the most diverse national executive committee of any of the past five LGBTQ+ marches in Washington” said San Diego City Commissioner and National Co-Chair Nicole Murray Ramirez, who has served on the national organizing committees of all five past Marches in Washington.

“From queer youth, Two-Spirit members, Transgender, Black Lives Matter activists, Undocumented, Immigrant, to HRC, AmFar, and various organizations. The Equality March and the rally stage will indeed truly represent the changing faces of the U.S. and of our LGBTQ+ movement.”

Inspired by the queer liberation movement’s history of diverse, inclusive, and politically resonant public demonstrations, the Equality March for Unity and Pride will elevate and mobilize LGBTQ+ communities by highlighting those who, historically, have been actively silenced and neglected in the fight for full liberation, so that we may find unity and strength through diversity.

The march is centered on the principle that in order to heal from the decades of neglect and erasure of marginalized people in the community, we must center transgender and gender expansive communities, and people of color. The co-chairs demand the inclusion of those left behind by social justice movements, including Black, Latinx, Bisexual, and differently-abled individuals.

The co-chairs firmly believe that the community finds strength in diversity, and that the current political and social movement demands not just solidarity, but work towards intentional equity, representation, and protection of the most vulnerable. Equality March planners are working in coordination with the National Parks Service. Further details on the logistics of the march will be released in the coming weeks.

There have been a few changes since the the March was originally announced it seems.  At first many believed that it would be held on Saturday June 10th and that it was to be associated with the the Capital Pride Alliance.  But along the way a few locals Pride festivals that were scheduled for that same week had some issues with the fact that they might lose some revenue and denounced it . So word is that there now will be many ” sister marches”  across the country which will be sure to bring down any impact that could be made with marcher numbers in Washington, D.C.

Also it seems that the Unity March instead of going full-out grasssroots has hooked up with HRC and AMFAR.

Regardless it a perfect opportunity for you to to show-up and advocate for your civil rights.

I’ll be there with other friends and supporters of Back2Stonewall.com. But due to the date SNAFU we will be flying out on Sunday afternoon.  But we will be having a get-together Saturday night after the DC Pride parade and everyone is welcome. When we have more details we’ll let you know.

So get those protest signs ready.  And for gods sake go to KINKOS .  Nothing says tacky queen more more than black magic marker on poster-board.