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FLORIDA - Wilton Manors Bans Drag Queens at PRIDE

FLORIDA – Wilton Manors Bans Drag Queens at PRIDE

Image what could be done to fight DeSantis if the Flori-gays actually had a backbone.

Via South Florida Gay News:

Drag queens and other performers who work up and down Wilton Drive, filed into the city commission chamber at Wilton Manors City Hall. They, along with other citizens, stood up and spoke out, urging commissioners to stand with them against the tyranny of Tallahassee.

In the end, the panel sympathized, empathized, and voted against them. The issue was amending the permit for Stonewall Pride Inc. to force compliance of a new law that expands the definition of “live adult entertainment” to include drag entertainment.

Mayor Scott Newton (the lone straight man in the city government) said people marginalized by the law are still welcome to be part of the event. “We’re proud to have drag queens and the transgender community come and walk and ride in floats down Wilton Drive. But because of the commissions vote the individual will be breaking the law. Not the PRIDE organization running the parade.

We’ve posted before that in the year since Ron DeSantis and “Don’t Say Gay” that Wilton Manors in Fort Lauderdale which is heavily LGBT has done very little in the way of any protests or blowback to the state. What makes it even more shocking is the entire city commission is LGBTQ and not one of them had the balls to stand-up against Ron DeSantis because they MIGHT lose their Commission seat.

Remember: Fascism can only take root when good people comply.


In other news today Wilton Manors unveiled it’s new Pride Flag.

HRC Says Fuck You To REAL LGBT Activists, Serves Coke At It’s Sochi Opening Ceremony Party In DC

The below picture and tweet was sent out by Washington Blade staff writer who attended the Human Rights Campaign’s Sochi Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony viewing party in Washington, DC.

HRC Coke


Bet they bought that Coke with their HRC Visa Corporate credit card.

HRC is a fucking disgrace.