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Video: "GLEE" Kurt Confronts His Bully – "Never Been Kissed" Episode – Watch and Discuss

Last Night “GLEE”‘s episode  “Never Been Kissed?” focused on an important and relevant issue.  Bullying.

Kurt, (Chris Coffer) was the focus of the hour – with  Darren Criss perfectly cast as Blaine and it was nice tosee this relationship established as more of a mentor/student type than an immediate romance.

The most dramatic moment in the episode was when Kurt, finally fed up with the abuse laid on him by a McKinley High jock (Dave Karofsky) confronted him in the boys lockeroom.

The scene was well acted , powerful, and a bit of a blindside. 

But was it realistic?
You be the judge.

What did you think about last nights GLEE episode?