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WOOF! – ZACH ATTACK! – Zachary Quinto Is A Very Dirty Sexy Boy – Video

Zachary Quinto sexy and dirty

Taking a quick break from promoting Star Trek Into Darkness this week  Zachary Quinto the 35-year-old Star Trek stud got down and dirty  in a new  photo shoot with celebrity photographer Tyler  Shields.

This is not the first time that Quinto has worked with Shields.  Check out the video below and let your imagination run wild and suffer a full-fledged Zach Attack.

Gay Porn Company Shoots Movie At Occupy Oakland Titled: “Occupy My Throat”

Dirty Boy Video must have sat down one day and thought to themselves: 

“You know what would really help the Occupy Movement.  If we went down to Occupy Oakland with two hipster boys, pitched a tent, and filmed a gay porn movie there and we’ll call it “Occupy My Throat!  Yeah that will show the 1 percent!”

And that’s exactly what Dirty Boy video did.

From thier video description:

Police can ban the erection of tents at Occupy Wall Street, but they can’t keep us from pitching a tent in our pants!   Branden and Skylar take a break from the rally in Oakland to occupy each other with their cocks! It’s a challenge to exercise the right to free speech with your mouth full, but these horny boys are UP to the challenge!

Pure exploitation and porn profit or perhaps or historical document in years to cum?  You decide.

Watch the free NWSF XXX hardcore trailer over at Dirty Boy.com or view the NSFW stills at The Sword.