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Porno Pete LaBarbera Wants Your Prayers, Begs For Your $’s, and Invites YOU To Dinner!

Porno Peter LaBarbera is at it again sending out a missive to his 10’s of following asking for prayers and to spread the word about AFTAH,  Oh and of course Petey begs for some Right Wing Welfare donations for his little certified hate group to help with the “big changes” he he has planned. (Assless Chaps BINGO?)

Oh and Petey also wants to invite EVERYONE $10 dollar dinner – banquet!  (Most probably catered by Chik-fil-A at that price.)

So who’s up for dinner in Arlington Heights, IL on October 15th and who’s bringing the fucking glitter?

I’m serious.  This is way too good to pass up.

"Professional" Lobbyist Kathy Griffin Supper’s With D.C. Bigwigs And "Little" Joe Solmonsleaze (Video)

Politico followed Kathy Griffin as she threw a dinner at Washington D.C. restaurant and told her guests, which included Arianna Huffington, (and of course Joe Solmonsleaze) about her activities thus far, which included meeting Barney Frank.

Take it for what its worth….