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Car Accident Escalates Into Horrific Hate Crime In Detroit, Michigan

What began as a run of the mill car accident turned into a horrific hate crime in Detroit, Michigan when  a lesbian couple got into a car accident with a women in an SUV and was then ganged up on by 5 male attackers and were savagely beaten.

From Equality  Michigan:

The SUV driver allegedly said “I can’t believe this man (meaning one of the lesbians)  just hit me” and  proceeded to call her boyfriend, who arrived within five minutes with four of  his male friends.  One of the lesbian coupe were told that because she “acts  like a man” that she would “get beaten like one”. The males attacked the  couple, using anti-lesbian and anti-trans slurs.

Subsequently a Detroit Police Detective has been assigned to the  case and the victims are in the process of submitting their  statements.

Equality Michigan is calling on the police and prosecutor to consider if the case should be referred to the federal courts for prosecution under the  Byrd-Shepard Hate Crimes Act,” (I wouldn’t be calling on them to “consider”  I’d be demanding.)

There are no laws currently on the  books in Michigan that would allow prosecution in that state as a LGBT hate crime.

Jesus weeps.

Gay Man Brutally Murdered Over A Pair Of Sunglasses Assailant Charged With Only Manslaughter

Last night Charlies mother is shocked and outraged that the killer of her son has been charged with only manslaughter.

It happened back on December 17th at an apartment building on Vinewood in southwest Detroit. Family members say Charlie, who was openly gay and slightly challenged, stepped on some sunglasses by accident.

Two men reportedly got angry, used gay slurs and started hitting Charlie. He hit back and the fight escalated and someone pulled a knife and in the end Charlie lay dead.

His mom Anna says she found him covered in blood, nearly naked.

Two men were arrested, one was released and the other, Titus Willis, is charged with manslaughter.

To kill someone over SUNGLASSES is about as barbaric as it gets, and the fact the charge is manslaughter and not murder more or less amount to a slap on the hand.  That in itself not to mention hate crime charges being leveled for using gay slurs during the attack is criminal in itself.  If Charlie had been a straight, blond haired, blue eyed, white girl the killer would have already been convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to death.

This is outrageous and sickening.


Detroit Main Office –United States Attorneys Office-District Attorney
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Detroit, MI 48226

Telephone: (313) 226-9100

VIDEO – "The Gay Moralist" Dr. John Corvino Destroys Almost Every Anti-Gay Argument In Under 8 Minutes

Dr. John Corvino, the self proclaimed “gay moralist” lectures at various venues and Universities across the country presenting his lecture “Is Homosexuality Immoral?” Corvino creates an effective argument, using some humor to leaven the seriousness and connect with the audience We can all learn a thing or two from him about how to best represent and talk about our causes/issues. The right wing conservatives have taken control of the language on ‘lifestyle,’ ‘special rights’ ‘agenda’ and ‘gay marriage’ so we need to push back.
John Corvino teaches at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI is rapidly establishing himself as a leading academic on the subject of homosexuality and morality his column on gay issues runs every Friday on http://www.365gay.com/

Republican’s Gone WILD! – Michigan Republican House Candidate Leon Drolet Sues Current Republican State Rep. Kim Meltzer Over "Slanderous" Gay Public Restroon Sex Lies!

Republicans in Michigan are going insane eating thier own as they battle for House Senate seats. 

The latest Republican feeding frenzy involves  former State Rep. Leon Drolet who is trying to regain his old State House seat and who has has filed a 10-page anti-defamation suit against one of his challengers, current state Rep. Kim Meltzer, who accused him in a campaign flier of trying to legalize gay sex in public parks and restrooms! 

Meltzer’s (pictured left) accusation stems from a 2003 bill Drolet co-sponsored that sought to update a 1927 state law outlawing consenting sodomy by amending it to reference only “sodomy with an animal.” The legislation made no mention of public restrooms, and public sex of any type remains illegal.. 

Interestingly, though this is the SECOND time that Drolet has been down this road. in 2004 Drolet filed a similar defamation suit , when a challenger for his seat in the state House of Representatives accused him in fliers of wanting to “legalize public sex involving kids and prostitution.”

When Kim Meltzer (who reminds m,e of a really bad scary Delta Burke look-a-like drag queen) was reached for comment she said she wasn’t sure about the accusations, but said, “This is how we do it in Macomb County.”

Oh those crazy, and by that I mean stark raving mad Republicans!