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OKLAHOMA Allows Corporal Punishment For Disabled Students

OK State Rep. Sally Kern Files 3 BillsTo Destroy LGBT Lives. Why Aren’t We Trying To Destroy Sally Kern?



Republican Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern, the who in 2008 said that the “homosexual agenda” posed a greater threat to the nation than terrorism, filed three anti-gay measures with the state legislature this week that would literally destroy the rights of LGBT Oklahoman s

“No employee of this state and no employee of any local governmental entity shall officially recognize, grant or enforce a same-sex marriage license and continue to receive a salary, pension or other employee benefit at the expense of taxpayers of this state,” reads House Bill 1599 titled the “Preservation and Sovereignty of Marriage Act.”

Kern’s second anti-LGBT bill, titled the “Freedom to Obtain Conversion Therapy Act,” allows parents to pursue discredited reparative or conversion therapy to attempt to change a gay child’s sexual orientation without interference from the state.

“The people of this state have the right to seek and obtain counseling or conversion therapy from a mental health provider in order to control or end any unwanted sexual attraction, and no state agency shall infringe upon that right,” reads House Bill 1598. “Parents may obtain such counseling or therapy for their children under eighteen (18) years of age without interference by the state.”

The third bill would allow business to refuse service to anyone lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender on religious grounds. It is similar to the bill vetoed in Arizona by former Governor Jan Brewer.

.“”Studies show that no society that has totally embraced homosexuality has lasted more than, you know, a few decades. So it’s the death knell of this country. I honestly think it’s the biggest threat our nation has, even more so than terrorism or Islam – which I think is a big threat, okay? ‘Cause what’s happening now is they are going after, in schools, two-year olds…And this stuff is deadly, and it’s spreading, and it will destroy our young people, it will destroy this nation” – Sally Kern – 2008

The question is why do we let this continue.  Surely with all the money in the LGBT community something could be dug up on Kerns.  There is no way that such an evil despicable person does not have some serious dirt hiding somewhere that can be used against her.

Why do we allow this to happen? Has playing noce really helped us? Obviously that old “let them keep talking they’ll hang themselves” tactic we’ve been using for decades just  isn’t working.

Maybe it is time to get our hands dirty,

Because truthfully if anything will “destroy the nation” it will be right wing extremist fascist like Sally Kern.




Jon Stewart Recaps CPAC 2014: “”Take it out and jerk it for America!” – Video

Jon Stewart


Last night on The Daily Show, Jon Stewart rounded up the best of “crazy” CPAC Monday night, which he described as “Burning Man for people who don’t do drugs and are afraid of fire.” He summed up the big, patriotic speeches with some genital-centered jokes, declaring, “Take it out and jerk it for America!”

Stewart mocked Ted Cruz doing a Jay Leno joke, advising the senator, “Listen, Cruz, don’t quit your day job… Let me rephrase that. Quit your day job.” He took on Paul Ryan’s anecdote about “free lunches” with the takeaway: “If you give a man a fish, don’t. Period. End of Bible.”

But Stewart saved the best barbs for NRA official Wayne LaPierre, declaring that people need as many guns as possible to defend themselves from all the evil around them. Stewart bewilderedly asked, “Where the fuck do you live? Vice City?”


More Proof That Tony Perkins Is A Piece Of Shit – Praises Uganda’s “Kill The Gays Bill”

More proof that Tony Perkins, the Family Research Council and their evil allies want us dead.

The constant hate, the constant attacks against our community, the promotions of faulty studies and fabricated lies, and now what we’re seeing in Uganda. These people want us to die pure and simple.

Perkins and his ilk are disgusting human beings and  evil personified and their group needs to be destroyed and ALL associated with it held accountable. Especially the Republican Party.

Next time you see Tony Perkins on CNN or MSNBC show them this post and ask them how they can justify and allow someone like Perkins who praises the intentions to execute gay and lesbians to be on their network in any other capacity other than being grilled, exposed and ridiculed for being such a disgusting human being.

AFA Hate Group President Tony Perkins Double Header! – Jesus Keeps Me From Chocking Homos & I Know Seamen!

Also little Tony has been busy today when Perkins a former Navy man who has tasted more seaman than the only hooker at Fleet Week had this to say about Robert gates and the state of the DADT Repeal

It’s hard to believe that he made that statement with a straight face. After all the testimony and Pentagon scrutiny, it’s incredibly disingenuous to suggest that the military won’t be affected by repeal. Some leaders may be on board with the change, but even they recognize that it is change. If this were just business as usual, would the military be wasting hours on training? Would the Pentagon have deflected valuable resources to survey the troops
This isn’t a change–it’s a complete upheaval for the entire force. More than anyone, Secretary Gates should understand the major implications for the two million-plus active duty and reserve personnel. Whether the issue is as broad as religious freedom or as basic as bunks and bathrooms, forcing the military to embrace open homosexuality will have real and devastating consequences for the men and women in uniform.” –  Tony Perkins

Bunks, bathrooms and two million men serviced, I mean two million servicemen?

Sounds like Tony is projecting some fantasies there or perhaps living some old memories of when he swabbed some decks.

Family Reserach Council Hate Group Working With GOP Leaders To Overturn D.C. Same Sex Marriage Law

Now that the Supreme Court has declined to hear the appeal of Bishop Harry Jackson, whose lawsuit demanded that Washington DC residents be allowed to vote on same-sex marriage the haters just refuse to give up.

Their latest “new strategy” comes via Tony Perkins the President of the hate group the Family Research Council who states he  is working with GOP leaders in Washington to to overturn D.C. same sex marriage laws and is calling upon his hateful homophobic minions to call Congress to act on overturning it.

Via FRC Email:

Last year, when the city council exploited the process and forced same-sex “marriage” on the District, House leaders could have–and should have–gotten involved. Instead, members chickened out and did nothing. Fortunately for D.C. voters, times–and the party majorities–have changed. I’ve been discussing possible steps GOP leaders could take to do what the city didn’t do: give the people a voice. Believe it or not, Congress has the power to override the D.C. government’s decisions any time it wants. It could reject the marriage law outright or order the District to adopt a new statute that would put this issue on the ballot. What the Left doesn’t want you to know is that D.C. doesn’t have the authority to block referendums on marriage. Only Congress does.

The answer for us,” Bishop Jackson said yesterday, “is to return to the political process.” And you can help! With a strong new Speaker at the helm, Americans can demand that our nation’s capital follow our nation’s law–which is that marriage is the union of a man and woman. Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) is the Chairman of the House Government Oversight Committee. As a representative from California, where Proposition 8 is under attack, he knows firsthand the importance of leaving these issues in voters’ hands. Email or call him (202-225-3906) today and encourage him to give the people of Washington, D.C. the same opportunity. For more on what FRC is doing to protect our federal marriage law (DOMA) from the administration that’s supposed to be defending it, check out our press release here

The interesting part of this is this comes from the same people who call for smaller goverment but have no problems running to the government when things don’t go their way.

Whats equally disturbing is that members of Congress work with hate groups.  Would such a thing be tolerated if it were the KKK working with Congress? This is something that really needs to stop and we need to do our best to make that happen.

Its clearly evident that Jackson, Perkins, Gallagher, Brown, LaBarebera, and the AFA, FRC, FOTF, and all the other alphahomophobic groups will not stop until we make them stop.  And that’s something that we have to work on by calling for their tax exempt status’ to be revoked, that the FBI looks into the possibility of RICO charges and we seriously start to play dirty and dig up whatever dirt we can on the leaders, and you know with this crew there must be many skeletons in the closet, and  bring them down. (In a non-violent way of course)

Homo Say What? – Liberty Council IMURDERER "Fat" Matt Barber: ""It makes me physically ill to watch as the HRC and other ‘gay’ militants lick their chops and rub their hands together over the tragic suicides of these troubled, sexually confused young men.."

“As Rahm Emanuel famously said: ‘You never let a serious crisis go to waste. It’s an opportunity to do things you could not do before.’ It makes me physically ill to watch as the HRC and other ‘gay’ militants lick their chops and rub their hands together over the tragic suicides of these troubled, sexually confused young men. Before they were even laid to rest, the radical homosexual lobby pounced leveraging these suicides to demand that government codify each of their extremist, social engineering demands. This is political exploitation at its slimiest and it pours salt on the wounds of loved ones.

But Christians are also praying that these wicked and callous political vultures who seek to exploit these suicides become confounded and fail fantastically. Their mission is not one of ‘tolerance’ or ‘diversity.’ Quite the opposite: Their goal is to fan flames of anti-Christian bigotry and discrimination, evangelizing on behalf of their own perverted god: moral relativism. We simply won’t let them get away with it.” – Liberty Counsel attorney and MURDERER Matt Barber.

Now that the blame is squarely being laid at the anti-gay right wing Christomaniacs feet they are getting scared.  So scared in fact they have begun playing the victim card and trying to use the bile, lies and hate to spin the cause of these tragic deaths of the young  back on the LGBT Community. Are there are no depths to which they will not sink. Could they really be that evil?  Obviously the answer is yes.

We cannot allow them to do this.  We MUST call them out and stand up to these assholes.  Barber, Gallagher, Perkins, Brown and the rest of the lot.  THESE ARE OUR BULLIES.  Their hateful words have caused numerous suicides and gay bashings over the decades, not just as of late and we need to realize that and stand up against these MURDERERS once and for all.  No more “being above it.” we need to get down and dirty and destroy them before they are responsible for taking another life. 

Ken Meklman Up To His Old Self Loathing Homo Tricks, Endorsing Anti-Gay NY Republican Congressional Candidate Randy Altschuler

Politico.com got it’s hands on an invite for fundraiser invite toNY GOP Congressional candidate Randy Altschuler’s soiree on Septemeber 27th and listed in the  “who’s who” of host committee includes none other than Ken “I fucked you all withiout lube” Mehlman.  

And guess what?  Altschuler “pro-family values”, toeing the religious right-wing conservative line.  Anti-gay, anti-women, and anti-minority.  Altschuler also made MILLIONS outsourcing jobs from America

Homo Say What? – The Family Research Council Responds To Being BUSTED For "Death To Gays" Lobbying ……CONTACT The IRS And Lets Try To Destroy FRC Once And For ALL!

Tony Perkins and The Family Research Council. sent the following statement to the The Washington Post earlier today to try to spin itself out of being caught red handed lobbying to stop the United States from condemning Uganda’s “Death to Gays” bill. (Even though there IS evidence that solidly shows that they did.)
Well FRC homosexuality IS  “internationally recognized as a fundamental human right.” And what the FRC was doing, by own their words, was attempting to rewrite the congressional resolution to erase the TRUTH that the Uganda bill does INDEED call for executing homosexuals, something the Christian right has been denying for months. (It also calls for Ugandan citizens to report the names of every gay person they know, or else they go to jail themselves.)  

Inaccurate internet reports have been circulating indicating that the Family Research Council lobbied “against” a congressional resolution condemning a bill proposed in Uganda. The Uganda bill would have provided for the death penalty for something called “aggravated homosexuality.” Unfortunately, those spreading these false rumors deliberately failed to obtain the facts first.

FRC did not lobby against or oppose passage of the congressional resolution. FRC’s efforts, at the request of Congressional offices, were limited to seeking changes in the language of proposed drafts of the resolution, in order to make it more factually accurate regarding the content of the Uganda bill, and to remove sweeping and inaccurate assertions that homosexual conduct is internationally recognized as a fundamental human right.

Not only do I call BULLSHIT but if, as they state that congressional offices DID ask FRC to help them with legalese insteade of their own staff  (which I doubt – because that’s very disturbing.)  I WANT, NO I DEMAND THE NAMES OF THESE CONGRESSMEN.
Also, why the hell is the FRC EVEN involved with any legislation dealing with a Foreign Sovereign Nation and our FEDERAL Government? They are attempting to change “Law and Policy”  The FRC operate as a 501C-(3), and model themselves as some form or “Religious Organization”? They should be stripped of their Non Profit Tax exempt status for even pursuing such actions as they have with regard to Uganda!

Organizations described in section 501(c)(3) are commonly referred to as “charities.” … charities are subject to the most stringent rules with respect to their advocacy activities. Section 501(c)(3) expressly provides that charities are prohibited from intervening in any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for public office; and charities may not engage in more than “insubstantial” lobbying in an attempt to influence legislation.

Please go to http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/f3949a.pdf and complete that one page IRS form and mail it into the IRS complaining that FRC does more than an insubstantial amount of lobbying to influence legislation. Frankly, thats all they do.  It’s time to start fighting back against these wingnuts.  We have been too passive for too long.  Ronald regan IS dead after all.

Let’s at least try to make the IRS pull their tax exempt status and start dismanteling these hateful, bigoted, and insane psuedo christian organizations once and for all!