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Trump Administration Took Millions From FDNY 9/11 First Responders Health Program

Trump Administration Took Millions From FDNY 9/11 First Responders Health Program

The New York Daily News has discovered that the Trump administration has secretly siphoned nearly $4 million away from a program that tracks and treats FDNY firefighters and medics suffering from post 9/11 related illnesses.

The Treasury Department mysteriously started withholding parts of payments — nearly four years ago  with no explanation.

This {the money} was just disappearing,” the program’s director, Dr. David Prezant,, the FDNY’s Chief Medical Officer.. “It was disappearing — without any notification.”

“The money that we don’t get means that physicians, nurses and support staff are not hired. We have not had to lay off anyone, yet, but we are at that brink,” he explained. “This just isn’t fair. It’s not fair to our patients.”

“The city has been covering some of our shortfall. But in this time of COVID crisis, that cannot continue,” he said.

The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention notes that thousands of responders and survivors of the 9/11 attack continue to suffer adverse health effects from toxic contaminants, risks of traumatic injury, and physically and emotionally stressful conditions.

Donald Trump Uses PULSE Terrorist Attack To Push Pro-NRA Gun Agenda

Donald Trump used the PULSE nightclub terrorist attack where forty-nine people were killed and 58 were injured, most of them from the LGBT community on Wednesday to push the NRA’s pro-gun agenda sating that it “wouldn’t have happened” if anyone in the nightclub had been armed at the time of the attack.

Trump cited the Orlando attack while making an argument against “gun-free zones,” which in his warped little mind thinks would make citizens attractive targets for gunmen intent on carrying out mass shootings

“As an example, you take Pulse nightclub — if you had one person in that room that could carry a gun and knew how to use it, it wouldn’t have happened, or certainly not to the extent it did, where he was just in there shooting, and shooting and shooting and they were just defenseless” – Donald Trump

In reality Orlando police Officer Adam Gruler was armed and working as off-duty security at the club. According to police, he exchanged gunfire with gunman Omar Mateen outside the club.

Trump also pushed the pro-gun NRA agenda Trump made similar claims on CNN just days after the June 12, 2016, massacre.

“If some of those great people that were in the club that night had guns strapped to their waist or strapped to their ankle, and if the bullets were going in the other direction, aimed at this guy who was just open target practice, you would’ve had a situation folks, which would have been always horrible, but nothing like the carnage that we all as a people suffered this weekend.”

It’s estimated the NRA contributed $21 million to Trump’s presidential campaign.

In April 2017, he told the organization, “You have a true friend and champion in the White House.”

Brit “Christian” LGBT Hate Group Says Tom Daley’s Olympic Dream Ended Because He “Turned Gay”

Brit "Christian" LGBT Hate Group Says Tom Daley's Olympic Dream Ended Because He "Turned Gay"

The Christian Voice (CV) is a “Christian” advocacy group based in the United Kingdom. Its stated objective is “to uphold Christianity as the Faith of the United Kingdom, to be a voice for Biblical values in law and public policy, and to defend and support traditional family life.” It is also an LGBT hate group.

Last night the Christian Voice, took to Twitter after openly gay Olympian Tom Daley failed to qualify for the final of the men’s 10 meter diving contest because he “turned gay”.

The group tweeted: “Turning gay doesn’t seem to have done Tom Daley any favors at Rio 2016.”

They later added: “And we need to remember that Tom Daley only went gay because he was seduced by an older man.”

The posting caused a Twiiter to explode with anger against CV and put them right.

Christian Voice Tom Daley Twitter

The leader of Christian Voice is Stephen Green, a former Chairman of the Conservative Family Campaign who has expressed support for the Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Bill  (aka. The Kill The Gays Law – 2009) and its associated penalty of death, stating “The Bible calls for the ultimate penalty for sodomy… A Parliamentarian in Uganda is trying to protect his nation’s children. The House of Commons of the United Kingdom is trying to corrupt ours.”

Green’s former wife, Caroline Green, accused him of repeatedly physically assaulting her and their children, including one incident where he allegedly beat her with a weapon until she bled, and another in which their son allegedly required hospital treatment after having been beaten with a piece of wood. The couple subsequently divorced. Stating that the article was “highly defamatory” and calling it a “catalog of smears and distortions stitched together,” Green denied the allegations. On his blog he wrote: “I sincerely tried to lead my marriage and household in a loving and responsible way, and one which was faithful to the Lord.”



UGH! – Family Research Council Uses Robin Williams’ Death to Support Ex-Gay Therapy Torture

Peter Sprigg sucks cock


Nationally recognized hate group the Family Research Council’s Senior Fellow Peter Sprigg did the unthinkable yesterday when he used beloved comedian Robin Williams’ attendance of substance-abuse-related rehab to defend, ex-gay therapy.

Sprigg’s hateful though process considers rehab and therapy options for individuals who suffer from alcoholism and other forms of dangerous addiction to“sexual reorientation therapy,” which everyone should support since individuals exist who are uncomfortable with their same-sex attraction and who might wish to “change” it.

Whatever the motivation, there are those who have simply made a choice to walk away from the homosexual lifestyle, without clinical help—much like how Robin Williams simply stopped using drugs and alcohol in the 1980’s. Drug addiction and substance abuse is becoming a big problem in the states, if you are addicted or know someone who needs help, please visit this article about http://firststepbh.com/blog/participate-addiction-group-therapy/. Others have sought professional help, perhaps at the urging of family members, in the form of “sexual reorientation therapy”—much like when Williams entered a formal alcohol rehab program in 2006.

Sprigg goes on to list the usual hate group propaganda reasons a person might want to “change” his/her sexual orientation;

Why would someone want to change their sexual orientation? Some such individuals are simply disillusioned by their experiences in homosexual relationships. Some have legitimate concern about the well-documented health problems associated with homosexual conduct (especially among men), such as high rates of sexually transmitted diseases, of whichHIV/AIDS is only one example. Others may seek help in conforming their behavior and lifestyle to the teaching of the religious faith to which they are committed. Some may aspire to a traditional family life, raising children in a home with both their mother and father present.

Whatever the motivation, there are those who have simply made a choice to walk away from the homosexual lifestyle, without clinical help — much like how Robin Williams simply stopped using drugs and alcohol in the 1980’s. Others have sought professional help, perhaps at the urging of family members, in the form of “sexual reorientation therapy” — much like when Williams entered a formal alcohol rehab program in 2006. Whether simply through personal development, religious counseling, or with the help of a licensed or unlicensed counselor, thousands (if not millions) of people have experienced significant changes in one or more of the elements of their sexual orientation (attractions, behavior, or self-identification).

Just like the Family Research Council to seize on any event, and use it for far fetched and loathsome talking point to capitalize on its hateful agenda, They are no better than the Westboro Baptist Church. Only not nearly as entertaining and much more dangerous.


Hateful Florida Rev. T.W. Jenkins Stands By His Decision To Deny Gay Man Funeral

Evil Rev Jenkins
The despicable Rev. T.W. Jenkins of New Hope Missionary Baptist Church in Tampa, Florida who last week who cold-heartedly canceled at man’s funeral at the last minute after discovering the man was gay and married is standing by his decision and isn’t apologizing for his actions, saying that the ‘trials’ his church is facing in the public eye have “come to make us stronger.”

WTSP  the station that broke the story did a follow-up visit to the Mt. Hope church on Sunday and reports that they were initially not allowed into the building, but were permitted to enter 40 minutes after the service began

In the video below, Jenkins talks about his family’s well-being and thanks his congregation for their prayers.

“My family is doing fine,” he said to claps from the audience. “Church family please remain focused and prayerful … and we will continue to stand on the word of God.”

THIS is “Christianity”?  A bunch of people who applaud themselves for denying a human being dignity in death? The sheer inhumanity and offensiveness of this while parading their hate of those who are different while hiding behind “religion” is beyond appalling.

Pastor Jenkins should be tarred and feathered, his hateful congregation horse-whipped and his “church” brunt to the ground and the land sowed with salt.

And that would be too good for them.



Florida Baptist Church Cancels Man’s Funeral At The Last Minute After They Find Out He Was Gay

Satan Church New Hope Baptist

Totally despicable and disgusting and so heinous.  Something I have not seen since the 1980’s when Funeral Homes refused to bury deceased AIDS patients…….

Less than 18 hours before his husband’s funeral, Kendall Capers was told that the funeral service service was cancelled at New Hope Missionary Baptist Church in Tampa, FL because members of the congregation and the Pastor of the church read his partners obituary and discovered he was survived by a “husband”. “

Based on our preaching of the scripture, we would have been in error to allow the service in our church,” said New Hope Missionary Baptist’s Pastor T.W. Jenkins. “I’m not trying to condemn anyone’s lifestyle, but at the same time, I am a man of God, and I have to stand up for my principle Jenkins,said who peaches against same-sex marriage, and that it would be “blasphemous” to hold the funeral at his church, reported WFLA-TV.

It was devastating,” said Julie Atwood mother of Julion Evans, who was 42 at the time of his passing. “I did feel like he was being denied the dignity of death.”

“Everyone who knew us knew about our relationship,” Kendall Capers said. “We didn’t keep secrets.”

The family asked for Evans’ funeral to be held at New Hope Missionary Baptist Church in Tampa. Atwood, Evans’ mother, says she was baptized at the church as a child and several of her family members still attend. Atwood’s current pastor agreed to preach the funeral, but they needed a large church, like New Hope, to accommodate hundreds of mourners from across the country. New Hope agreed and the service was scheduled for July 26.

But when the obituary published in the local newspaper, everything changed.

Because of the abrupt change of plans, Evans’ family scrambled to make new funeral arrangements, and were not unable to notify everyone, and some mourners showed up at the hateful church and missed the funeral.

“I know there are other people that are probably going to be in the same shoes Julion and I were in. I feel like it’s a wrong doing, and nobody should be in those shoes,” Capers said “This is 2014, this is not the 60s or the 70s,. And att the end of the day I just want his wrong-doing to be exposed.”

New Hope Missionary Baptist’s is located at 3005 E Ellicott St, Tampa, FL 33610 and can be reached at (813) 236-3611 if you feel the need to call. They are also on FACEBOOK 

GOP Senators Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul Add Union Busting Amendment To ENDA

Rand Paul bad toupee

As if the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) did not have enough problems with religious extremists and a gaping religious exemptions clause that renders it almost useless and would give religious organizations, schools, hospitals and businness a free pass to continue discriminating LEGALLY against the LGBT community.  NOW we have Senators Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) trying to attach a national so-called “right-to-work” law to the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.  The two filed an amendment attaching ENDA to the anti-union measure hours before it passed the key hurdle of cloture on its way to its to the  floor debate and vote.

The idea behind right-to-work laws is much more complicated and deceiving than the name suggests. The laws prohibit unions from requiring dues payments from all employees in a unionized workplace. That creates a free-rider problem whereby workers who stand to gain higher wages and better job conditions from a successful union contract bargaining effort can refuse to help pay for those efforts. While the laws are often billed as rescuing workers from being forced to pay union dues, it weaken unions, and drives down wages. Workers in right-to-work states like Michigan and Indiana make about $1,500 less per year than those in other states and workplace safety and health insurance benefits are much weaker according to studies of the 22 states that operate under the policy.

Dirty GOP politics and corporate greed at the expense of civil rights and the well being of American citizens.

THAT is the Republican party

Source: Think Progress

FOX News Host Mark Levin Compares LGBT Families To Bestiality

DESPICABLE THEM: How Fox News Covered The Transgender Day Of Rememberance – Video

In 1999 a handful of transgender people sought to highlight the need for awareness around anti-transgender violence, which refers to attacks against people who are perceived as transgender — regardless of how one may personally identify. To that end, the first Transgender Day of Remembrance event in the Castro district of San Francisco, holding the names of those we’d lost in silent testimony.

That was 13 years ago. Today, Transgender Day of Remembrance is represented in the United States and Canada, Australia, Poland, Russia, the Philippines, South Korea and many other locations across the Earth. The notion of remembering our dead reaches into places that those few who gathered in 1999 could hardly have envisioned.

But that doesn;t stop FOX News from making a mockery of the day and adding insult to injury because as on the same day that thousands of people around the world gather to remember those who have been killed due to anti-transgender hatred, Fox News started its day with a news alert mocking Michelle Kosilek, a transgender prison inmate in Massachusetts who requested electrolysis treatment to complete her gender transition.

No matter what you think about the Michelle Kosilek case personally, FOX news DELIBERATELY ran this story of a convicted transgender murderer and the request for electrolysis on the Transgender Day of Remembrance for no other reason than trying to use a convicted murderer as a tacit example of all transgender people.


Source: Carlos Maza @ Think Progress

Mitt Romney Listed In Two Animal Cruelty Databases – Dogs Against Romney Video

Do we really want or need a President who’ll be responsible for the safety and well being of over 300,000,000+ people in America who doesn’t even have the common sense on how to treat a poor innocent dog?

Romney Names HomoCon and Roy Cohn Award Winner National Security Spokesman

On Thursday afternoon the Romney campaign announced that Romney had hired  Richard Grenell, as his national Security and foreign policy spokesperson.  Grenell is best known for being the former spokesperson for the anti-gay U.S. Ambassador to the UN John Bolton who sided with anti-gay regimes in denying observer status to LGBT groups

Grenell brings foreign policy chops and more than a decade of political experience to the aggressive but relatively young Romney staff. His is one in a series of hires as the presumptive Republican nominee rapidly expands his small staff as it moves into the general election against President Obama.
Sources from inside the UN however during  describe Grenell in an much more unflattering light than the Post.

Via Mike Roger’s BlogActive:

But several sources in the UN press corps who spoke on condition of anonymity describe the [Grenell] as “rude,” “arrogant,” and a “bully,” neither popular nor a particularly good source. “He’s unbearable,” says one journalist. “Very pushy and very demanding,” says another. Grenell is said to complain incessantly, hectoring correspondents and their bosses and trying to “mold” wire stories to fit his message. He yells at anyone whose slant doesn’t follow his, says one source. “He yells at people whenever he is uncomfortable, particularly foreigners,” said another

In 2006 Richard Grenell recieved the Roy Cohn Award named after the most despicible anti gay homosexuals in United States history