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Gay Activist GetEQUAL Disrupt House Committe Meeting To Deliver Mark-ups Fof ENDA – Committe Member "That’s The Problem With This We Are Never Going To Satisfy Them" – (VIDEO)

Today GetEQUAL disrupted a meeting of the House Education and Labor Committee and delivered a set of markers to Chairman Miller, urging mark-up and vote on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA.}

From the Dallas Voice:

The activists approached Chairman George Mitchell, D-California, and attempted to hand him a marker. Mitchell refused to take the marker but told the activist that the committee plans to take action on ENDA soon. ‘We’re working on it as expeditiously as we can,’ Miller said. The audio on a live stream of the committee hearing then cut out for a few minutes. When it returned, Mitchell explained to the audience that the interruption was related to ENDA. ‘It’s not an easy piece. of legislation,’ Miller said. ‘It’s a really complicated piece of legislation. We want to get it right, but we expect to have it before this committee in the very near future.'”

Now watch the videotape below of the episode.  At the 0:45 mark before the audio “mysteriously” cuts out you can hear a committe member say “this is the problem with this, there’s no end to it. We’re never going to satisfy them” Did he call us “them”? And use the word “satisfy” in a way that describes equal rights like it’s a reward?

Go GetEqual!!! Those who deride their methods would have said the same about some of the pioneers in other civil rights movements. God forbid we upset the apple cart or someone gets arrested. Those with that attitude are not helping.

Larry Kramer said you have to have anger in order to protest effectively and effect change….he was right on the mark.