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Bigoted Redneck Parents And Students In Bleckely,GA Rally AGAINST Gay Student Derrick Martin And His Same Sex Prom Date

Derrick Martin, the courageous gay teenager who is being allowed to bring his boyfriend to the prom is beginning to face another hurdle as homophobic redneck parents and students in aptly named Bleckely, GA are beginning to rally and fight back against him.

Some students and residents rallied late this week against Derrick, and the local ABC (Channel 16) filed a news report on the protest that appeared to be slanted against Derrick.

The ABC broadcast started this way:

Most teens’ prom concerns range from what to wear and arranging a limo, but for a Cochran high school student, his date caused the most controversy. A gay high school student in Bleckley County is defying the community’s wishes, and bringing his boyfriend to the prom.”

And it went downhill from there.  While the broadcast did allow Derrick to speak on camera, it focused more on “concerned citizens.” like a hater named “Cochran” whio stated:

“You sit here and you tell me that if somebody walked up to you and you’ve already paid all your money to go a prom that you’ve waited 11 years to go to and it’s a sacred event and somebody walks in and says ‘Oh I’m gay, I’m going to do a walk through with another guy,” one concerned citizen named Cochran complained on camera.

Prom?  Sacred?  Is there something scared about getting drunk, puking your guts out and then getting laid? 
As ABC continued its report, Derrick, who is an honors student, was labeled a “controversial student.”

ABC then trotted out Bobby Duskin, who was labeled a “worried father, ”and  was one who organized the rally against Derrick.

“I’m going to speak out. Because I’m a father, and I’m proud to be a father and I’m going to look out for my kids no matter what and I’m going to stand up for them no matter what,” Duskin said because his daughter “Amber” (Why are ALL nasty bitches named Amber?), a senior who refuses to go to the prom because Derrick will be there with his boyfriend.

“It’s not just his prom, it’s my prom too and everybody else’s at the school,” Amber said.  but the dumb sow doesn’t seem to realize it’s also Derricks.

Some students are now going to organize a private prom, ABC reported. (That’s code for a “gay free” dance at which they’ll probably wear white sheets, burn crosses and serve Dortito sandwhichs on white bread with mayo.

Derrick do yourself a favor.  After prom grab your boyfriends hand, get in the Limo and drive to a major city and get the hell out of that hateful homophobic town where bigoted ignorant parents teach thier children to hate and to grow up to be just as vile as they are. 

“You’ve got to be taught
To hate and fear
You’ve got to be taught
From year to Year
It’s got to be drummed
in your dear little ear
You’ve got to be carefully taught”
“You’ve Got To Be Carefully Taught” – South Pacific by Rodgers and Hammerstein

WATCH Gay Teen Derrick Martin Talk About His Prom And Gay Rights – Donation’s For Derrick Information Included (Video)

Gay Georgia teen Derrick Martin, whose parents kicked him out of the house following media attention surrounding his school’s decision to allow him to bring a male date to prom:
PayPal Donations can be sent directly to Derrick for Prom and Living Expenses can be sent via PayPal to martinrd2@mgc.edu or via Clicking THIS LINK

“Its the same thing as African Americans wanting their right or any minority group wanting their rights. Every person is a human being, and they deserve their rights.”

Georgia High School Student Derrick Martin Won The Right To Take A Gay Date To The Prom And Then His Parents Kicked Him Out

After asking Bleckley County, Georgia school officials permission in January to take another boy to the prom, Derrick Martin got word last week that his high school will allow it. Yea for Derrick right?

Well while Derrick has received tons of support from the internet and from gay rights groups, things have not turned out all that great because of the media attention, Martin’s parents have kicked him out and the teen is staying with a friend.

Clearly what Martin’s parents did  that was the Christian thing to do.  Stupid, ignorant, bigoted assholes.

Hang in there little brother!  We;re all going to try our best to help you out.