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10's of People Expected To March in the 2nd "Ex-Gay" Freedom March

10’s of People Expected To March in the 2nd “Ex-Gay” Freedom March

On November 4th. an expected crowd of tens of ex-LGBT people are expected to attend the second Freedom March to be held in Los Angeles, CA.

Jeffrey McCall, a former prostitute who lived as a transwoman named Scarlet, is the founder and CEO of the Freedom March. (With help from Christopher Doyle’s Voice of the Voiceless.

McCall says he wants former LGBTQ people to have their voice heard. He wants the world to know that you can change your lifestyle, no matter who you are.

“I wanted to have a march where everyone who came out of homosexual or transgender lives could come together, to have an event to hear each other’s stories and also to have an event to speak on the freedoms we found through Jesus Christ,” McCall said.

Also in attendance was an “ex-gay” survivor of the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando.

Luis Ruiz, who survived Orlando, Florida’s horrific Pulse Nightclub massacre two years ago where 49 were killed will also be in attendance, said.

“Going through old pictures of the night of Pulse, I remember my struggles of perversion, heavy drinking to drown out everything and having promiscuous sex that led to HIV.. My struggles were real! The enemy had its grip, and now God has taken me from that moment and has given me Christ Jesus.”

Earlier this year the first Freedom March was held in Washington, DC and drew a massive crowd of 36 people. 

The Freedom March will take place at Pershing Square – November 4, 2018 @ 1.00 pm PST

Evil GOP Rep Allen West STILL Won’t Concede, After All “Communist Are Everywhere”

EVIL Rep. Allen “Communists Are Everywhere” West and his army of GOP zombies are refusing to concede while screaming about “voter fraud” and voter”irregularities” in Florida’s St. Lucie Country.

The state issued complete but unofficial results showing Murphy with a lead of 2,442 votes, or 50.4 percent. That’s beyond the half-percent margin needed to trigger an automatic recount. A handful of overseas and military ballots remain outstanding, but under state law the decision for a recount is based on Saturday’s count. West’s campaign insists there are many unanswered questions in the race, mostly centered in St. Lucie County, the only one of three counties in the district that Murphy won. They are concerned that votes were counted twice and have asked to review sign-in books from the polls to ensure the number of voters matched the ballot count. “We’re simply not going to just walk away from the race until we see that the numbers add up,” West campaign manager Tim Edson said. West’s only path forward appears to be through the courts. Under state law, he still could contest the election if misconduct or fraud might have changed its result.

Allen West is nothing more than garbage fighting not to be thrown out to the melodic sounds of his loud sour grape-like protesting.

Joe Jonas Goes In Deep, The Closet That Is: "I’m Not Gay"

Joe Jonas in the new issue of Details magazine laughingly denies the many, ehhm, “rumors” about his sexuality.

He won’t say whether his album will contain a [Taylor] Swift rebuttal—just that there will be songs about “different love scenarios that I’ve been through, breakups, hurts. Me hurting somebody and feeling bad about it. I think there’s a lot of scenarios where people might wanna hear my side of the story.”

But who would break up with Joe?

“Some guy,” he says with a laugh.

It’s a nod to the gay rumors he’s been fending off ever since he got into a verbal altercation with some taunting paparazzi earlier this year.

“There’s nothing wrong with being gay,” he says now, “but I’m not.” Adding to the buzz, he dressed up in a leotard and heels and danced to “Single Ladies”—to comic effect—to square a sports bet with some buddies. He got the idea from his fans. The video of his performance got more than 25 million hits on YouTube

Ummmm okaaaaay.

Now usually its hard to argue with pretty like Joe BUT……….

Every other day you are shopping in West Hollywood, hanging out in West Hollywood, and ALWAYS with your super beefy bodyguard and another constant (male) companion
And Joe, bro……

‘I’m not gay’. Where have we  heard that before from a celebrity singer? Elton John? George Michael? Ricky Martin? and Clay Aiken perhaps?

You are a damn fine looking guys.  If you think you have to do this now to keep the career going that’s your decision.  We’ll just mark our calender for 10 years from now when the career is fading and the eyes are sagging and wait for your mea culpa tour and People cover

Anti-Gay Liberty Counsel: We’re Not Homophobic, We Took An Online Test!

Fat Matt Barber, Mat Staver and the other haters at the anti-gay Liberty Counsel are all a twitter because they took on online “homophobia test” (Probably this one) and they claim that not one person failed even though they all think we are all dirty sodomites that desrve to go to hell. So thus they are NOT homophobic!

The test is actually pretty simple to figure out and if you are in denial and don’t recognize your own homophobia you aren’t going to fail. 

Now if they really want to prove a point what I suggest is that every male on the staff  undergo a sexual orientation assessment and sit with their penis’ (if they can find them) hooked up to an engorgement meter as he is shown a variety of video clips, including scenes of gay porn and lets see what the results are.

Now if you excuse me I must go take my online test to become a Head Bishop of the Church of James Franco.

Homo Say What?- Self Loathing Homo Mormon Ty Mansfield To Marry A Woman Because Joesph Smith Wants It That Way

Ty Mansfield, the co-author of the book In Quiet Desperation is engaged… to a woman.  Published in October of 2004, this anti-gay message explains that for a gay Mormon, suicide is more honorable and justified than engaging in a homosexual act. Mansfield’s co-authors are the parents of Stuart Matis who, at the age of 32, committed suicide because of an inability to reconcile his Mormon upbringing and his own homosexuality. They also continue to support LDS leaders, who perpetuate discrimination against the LGBT community.

This douchebag is a piece of work.
Mansfield and his fiancée Danielle Palmer have announced their wedding date as May 22nd 2010 in the Salt Lake City LDS temple.

‘the Lord promised that he will change our hearts, but he didn’t say when, He never promised it would happen in mortality. He only said it would happen.'”

Well his fiance may never get laid but at least she’ll have the best decorated house in Salt Lake City.

Ty, what an empty lonely life you lead you pathetic little man.

Perhaps we should all mail him copies of “Angels In America” for wedding presents