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Davey Wavey: Show Your Gay Elders Some Fucking Respect! – Video

In his latest YouTube video, Davey says he has had enough of hearing younger gay guys make rude and nasty comments about older gay men.

“I am so sick and so tired of seeing young gay guys walk into a club, for example, I get so fired up about this, and they’ll be like, ‘Ew! That old creepy gay guy is so disgusting. He’s so gross. He looks like Santa Claus. Ew, he checked me out! Ew!’ Let’s think about this for a second. That creepy old gay man that looks like Santa Claus and the people of his generation are literally – literally! – the only reason that you can walk down the street in your pink fucking tank top, holding your boyfriend’s hand and not get your ass beat.”

I never thought I’d be saying this to Davey Wavey.  But THANK YOU.

You know Davey is serious when he puts his shirt on.