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Dark Shadows Action Figures! Gay Geeks Rejoice!

Fearwerx.com is offering up some spooky nostalgia this Halloween season with the introduction of THE DARK SHADOWS FIGURE SET!

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Firty-five years before True Blood, the original vampire love story, the 1960s gothic soap opera on NBC ran for almost 5 years and had millions of fans and now all this time later DARK SHADOWS is immortalized in a series of 8″ “Mego-style” action figures 
Featuring:  BARNABAS COLLINS: Star of the series, featuring a detailed costume and his classic wolf’s head walking stick, JOSETE DUPREE: Full-time witch and bitch obsessed with Barnabas, and CHRIS JENNINGS: In his werewolf incarnation!
Dark Shadows Trivia:  Alexandra Motlke (Who played innocent Governess Victoria Winters) later became Claus Von Bulow’s mistress and was supenoned and testified in front of a hushed courtroom the details of her affair with Von Bulow. She had pressed him to leave his wife, she testified, and soon after, Sunni Von Bulow was in a coma, possibly the result of an insulin injection