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Riverdale Gets A Gay Superhero! – Kevin Keller Becomes “The Equalizer”!

Kevin Keller superhero

Archie and his pals in Riverdale will be getting a superhero to protect them.  And not just any superhero but a gay superhero according to IGN as Kevin Keller will take on the identity of the Equalizer in his new story arc which will begin in May.

Kevin will fight for justice and rely primarily on his physical strength for a superpower. According to writer, artist, and LGBT straight ally  Dan Parent:

Well, first of all, we had to pick out a name for him, and since he is gay and stands for equality, he wants to help everybody. We’re not just talking about cases of homophobia; we’re talking about when some downtrodden person gets hurt. So Equalizer is just sort of a good term. It’s not a term that we made up, obviously — it’s been used for batteries and TV shows — the word’s been used before. But it just symbolized him, because he stands for equality, and that’s what he’s trying to do. When he becomes a superhero, first he helps an old lady who’s getting attacked, then he saves this kid from getting made fun of, which, you know, he’s been in that place before. Then also, if a real crime is being committed, he’ll help stop that too. He’s an equal opportunity provider.

Trying to keep it a little more reality based. Mostly it’s just based on his physical strength. Whereas the Archie characters, you know, Archie got powers and could actually fly, and they can all do other things. But with this character, we’re keeping it more in the realm of, like, a Batman, where he actually depends on his physical prowess — and then lots of gadgets. In his cave, the guy who kind of monitors what’s going on with the crime and kind of invents things for Kevin — and at the same time, Kevin has the hots for this guy, so it’s kind of like a love interest for Kevin too.

In later storylines Kevin will also be relying on his father and best friend Veronica Lodge who who’ll act as his billionaire benefactor n his quest to triumph over wrongdoing. To this end, Veronica will be the one who supplies him with his own version of Batman’s Batcave and helps to come up with the idea for his costume

Kevin first appeared in a September 2010 issue of Veronica’s self-titled comic book and has quickly grown into one of Archie Comics’ most visible and popular characters.

Look for The Equalizer to debut in Kevin Keller #14 on May 5!

Archie Comic Characters Boycott Russia, Nix Trip Over Anti-Gay Laws

Dan Parent

In an exclusive interview with Back2Stonewall, comic book artist and writer Dan Parent revealed that The Archies, an icon of American comics since 1941, will be supporting the boycott of Russia in the wake of the country’s new homophobic laws. Parent revealed that Archie and friends will be cancelling the Russia portion of a four country tour in Europe

Parent, best known for his work for his work on the Archie Comics and the introduction of Riverdale’s first openly gay character Kevin Keller, spent a few minutes with Back2Stonewall this weekend at Wizard World Comic-Con Chicago  We spent a few minutes talking with Dan and heard his thoughts on Russia’s anti-gay laws and human rights violations against its LGBT citizens.

“I’ve just been catching up on it,” Parent said, “It’s really upsetting.”

When asked whether he agreed with and supported a boycott of Russia, Parent instantly replied “Yes. Russia should be boycotted, so much so that actually in an upcoming special four issue story arch I’m writing the Archie gang are going to take a world tour to four countries. Russia was to be one of them.  But they’re not going there now. They just can’t and  they won’t. They love and support Kevin.”

This is not the first the first pro-gay stand Parent has taken since the introduction of Kevin Keller. Using the comic venue, Parent has taken on the issues of bullying, homophobia, the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and same-sex marriage, bringing these issues to the forefront of the comic community with unbridled support and understanding.

Kevin Keller, who was introduced Veronica #202,  received national attention, positive reviews, and became the first Archie comic book to sell out in the comics 69-year history.

Dan Parent is a true LGBT ally.