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Your Daily Dose Of The National Organization For Marriage’s President Brian Brown: Bend Over And Take It Like A Man (Video)

Well it’s like almost everyday we post a Video featuring The National Organization For Marriages Asshole President Brian Brown spewing his phoney pro- hetro only marriage bullshit.  So why should today be any different.  So bend over and take it like a man BITCHES!  (You know Brian does!)

Watch today as Brian interviewed by The Courage Campaign;s NOM’ Tour Tracker refuses to answer virtually all the questions on the grounds that he doesn’t accept thehypothetical questions as valid that David Blankenhorn was forced to answer during the Prop 8 Trail.

Don’t worry Brian. Your day in court is coming.

By the way is Brian looking more and more like “Biff” in the Back To The Future” movies more and more each day or what?