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Man Charged In 2013 Drugging and Robbery Cases Of Mature Gay Men In Boston

Man Charged In 2013 Drugging and Robbery Cases Of Mature Gay Men In Boston


Riccardo D’Orsainville, is accused of meeting older gentlemen through a mature men’s website and drugging his victims and  stealing their artwork, jewelry, electronics and designer clothes. He pleaded not guilty Wednesday to the crimes committed in 2013 and has been charged with kidnapping, poisoning, larceny and receiving stolen property, and his bond was reduced from $250,000 to $100,000.

From The Boston Globe:

Authorities have said D’Orsainville passed himself off as a wealthy European, and contacted one of the victims through Silver Daddies, a website for older gay men looking for sexual partners. Two others, he allegedly met at a bar.

The victims brought him to their homes, had a few drinks with him, and passed out. All regained consciousness to find artwork and designer clothes were missing, prosecutors have said.

D’Orsainville allegedly stole a tuxedo from one man. Another victim woke up with his hands bound behind his back

D’Orsainville is a Haitian national who has a lengthy criminal record, including credit card fraud and embezzlement. However, federal authorities have not deported him because he’s gay and could face discrimination in Haiti.

D’Orsainville  claims that his victims only reported the crimes because they had “relationship regret” and “buyer’s remorse.”

Watch a report below.


Tom Daley Is Dating Dustin Lance Black? PLEASE GOD NO!

Tom  Daley and

British tabloids The Sun and E! News are both reporting that the guy dating British diver Tom Daley is none other than Milk screenwriter Dustin Lance Black who just happens to be 20 years older than Daley. Did they meet browsing a mature singles dating site or something?

Full disclosure.  I am not a huge fan of Black.  Especially after he kissed Hollywood’s ass and wouldn’t support the Ender’s Game boycott and stopped short of calling for a boycott of the Russian Olympics.

But really.  Daley is so innocent and Black is so….. so….. well we’ve all seen the x-rated pics.

Well at least we know Tom’s a top.

56 Year Old Dennis Quaid Shirtless and Rocking The Jersey Shore Look On Halloween

Dennis Quaid is 56 years old. and looks better than theyounger cast of the MTV show. 

C’mon admit it. Despite the fright wig and the orange pancake make-up you have to admit Quaid has a rocking body for a man his age and you gotta dig that treasure trail

Meg Ryan gave THIS up for a fling with Russell Crowe.  Stupid Bitch.

Looking good Daddy Guido Dennis

Bishop Eddie Long In Court Papers: "They Called Me Daddy"

Eddie (Down Low) Long, the soon to be proven self-loathing closet case homo Pastor of a Georgia Megachurch has always said he’d fight the sexual molestation lawsuits from his accusers  So in a court filing yesterday, he went even further and categorically denied all charges against him for the first time.

Long, though, said in the four separate documents that he often encouraged his New Birth Missionary Church members to call him “daddy” and that some even called him “grandaddy,” but that the term was a sign of respect. The bishop also said in the documents that he has long shared rooms with some of his church members, and that his parishioners often hug him. And while he admitted to giving the plaintiffs gifts, he said he often provided many members of his church with financial assistance

There were four filings in all. about 30 pages each, Long wants each complaint — from Maurice Robinson, Anthony Flagg, Jamal Parris, and Spencer LeGrande — dismissed and a judgment issued in his favor.

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease BITCH.  Give it up


And when did cars, jewlery, and trips overseas count as “financial assistance”?

NBC Nightly News Anchor Brian Williams Is WELL HUNG!

So, it looks like NBC Nightly News Anchorman Brian Williams i\s a Hot HUNG Daddy. And we knopw that because  even he admits it. Brian is so hung as a matter of fact that, he can even joke about it uncomfortably in Elle Magazine.

Through the interview, the Elle interviewer and Williams begin to talk about fashion and the dreaded pleated pants. The Elle reporter says “I actually have a close friend in DC who still wears pleats. His wife confessed to my wife that he couldn’t move to flat fronts because his penis was just too large.” Brian’s reply: “Well, I’m with him. It’s a huge issue. Kidding!” (Adding the “kidding” is something someone with a huge penis would do too!)

Admit it.  Brian Williams is a stud. And also extraordinarily funny and dry one at that

Whoa Trigger!

Sex tape. Now please……

Sports Stud Sunday – Ex-Pro Football Player and Wrestler: Bill Goldberg

In our spare time, we tend to wander onto Google and hunt down naked pictures of former football player and pro wrestler Bill Goldberg. And why not? From the WWE to TV’s Automaniac, Goldberg’s turned a hot ass, a mean growl and the world’s cutest grey-shot goatee to get our attention from head to, um, head. We won’t go as far as some of you and join his fan club–but you will catch us DVD-repeating his shower scene in The Longest Yard, where the innuendo about his supposedly huge cock is only overshadowed by his 98-percent-nakedness.

Big Russian Daddy Vladimir Putin Wants Everyone To Know He Is 100% NOT GAY

In the New York Times today, Big Beefy Daddy Vladimir let it be known that he is “of a traditional orientation”.  (read: 100% HETERO) can tell you this “with complete certainty.” So stop asking him all these “literary” (read: TOTALLY GAY) questions about his “marriage” to President Medvedev!

And then to underscore the point, he ate a bowl of borscht in the shower and went back to bear-wrestling in his jockeys.