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Meet Jason Mariner Convicted Felon and GOP MAGA Cultist Who Claims Election Fraud In 59-Point Special Election Loss In Florida

Meet Jason Mariner Convicted Felon and GOP MAGA Cultist Who Claims Election Fraud In 59-Point Special Election Loss In Florida

Democrats heavily outnumbered Republicans in the South Florida district that had a SPECIAL ELECTION last week for District 20 House Rep in Florida— Nobody. I mean NOBODY expected a close race and it wasn’t. Democrat Sheila Cherfilus-McCormick won the special election with 79 percent of the vote.

But wait! GOP MAGA Cultist opponent Jason Mariner the representative-elect’s Republican rival, who hedged on conceding the race is calling it calling it. You guessed it. Election Fraud.

 The CBS affiliate in Miami reported, the unusual part of this story was the response to the outcome from the representative-elect’s Republican rival, who hedged on conceding the race. “Now they called the race, I did not win, so they say, but that does not mean that they lost either, it does not mean that we lost,” said Republican Jason Mariner. Several hours before the polls even closed, Mariner filed a lawsuit alleging there is a problem with the ballots in Palm Beach and Broward Counties.


Jason Mariner is a convicted felon, praised the Jan. 6 rioters who attacked the Capitol, and has at least one Confederate flag tattoo on his arm. In mid-December 2011, Mariner broke into a Delray Beach property and stole approximately $20,000 worth of paintings by the legendary Florida Highwaymen, and other local painter. Mariner took the stolen paintings to a secondhand shop and sold many for a total of $400

What a maroon.

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The Mormon Church Releases Statement Opposing The LGBT Equality Act

The Mormon Church Releases Statement Opposing The LGBT Equality Act

The leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (aka The Mormons) released a statement Monday morning opposing the Equality Act which would amend the 1964 Civil Rights Act to protect LGBT Americans over concerns regarding their “religious liberty”

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is deeply concerned that the ongoing conflicts between religious liberty and LGBT rights is poisoning our civil discourse, eroding the free exercise of religion and preventing diverse Americans of good will from living together in respect and peace. Lawmakers across the nation, including members of Congress, are working to enact or strengthen laws that ensure LGBT persons fair access to important rights, such as nondiscrimination in areas like housing, employment and appropriate public accommodations. The Church is on record favoring reasonable measures that secure such rights.

At the same time, we urgently need laws that protect the rights of individuals and faith communities to freely gather, speak out publicly, serve faithfully and live openly according to their religious beliefs without discrimination or retaliation, even when those beliefs may be unpopular. This includes the right of religious organizations and religious schools to establish faith-based employment and admissions standards and to preserve the religious nature of their activities and properties.

This does not represent a change or shift in Church doctrine regarding marriage or chastity. It does represent a desire to bring people together, to protect the rights of all, and to encourage mutually respectful dialogue and outcomes in this highly polarized national debate.

Conflicts between rights are common and nothing new. When conflicts arise between religious freedom and LGBT rights, the Church advocates a balanced “fairness for all” approach that protects the most important rights for everyone while seeking reasonable, respectful compromises in areas of conflict. The Church affirms this as the best way to overcome sharp divisions over these issues. The Church supported the 2015 “fairness for all” legislation in the Utah Legislature that successfully protected both religious freedom and LGBT rights in employment and housing and that has helped facilitate greater understanding and respect.

The Equality Act now before Congress is not balanced and does not meet the standard of fairness for all. While providing extremely broad protections for LGBT rights, the Equality Act provides no protections for religious freedom. It would instead repeal long-standing religious rights under the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act, threaten religious employment standards, devastate religious education, defund numerous religious charities and impose secular standards on religious activities and properties. The Church joins other religious organizations that also strongly oppose the Equality Act as unbalanced, fundamentally unfair and a path to further conflict.

The Church calls upon members of Congress to pass legislation that vigorously protects religious freedom while also protecting basic civil rights for LGBT persons. It is time for wise policymakers to end this destructive conflict and protect the rights of all Americans.

What the LDS Church fails to or “forgets” to mention is that religious discrimination is already protected under the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits employers from discriminating against individuals because of their religion (or lack of religious belief) in hiring, firing, or any other terms and conditions of employment. The law also prohibits job segregation based on religion, such as assigning an employee to a non-customer contact position because of actual or feared customer preference. But they have no problem by wanting religious organizations and religious schools to discriminate by establishing faith-based employment and admissions standards.


DIRT! – Jim Bob Duggar Has A Gay Cousin! – 19 Bigots + 1 FABULASH Gay and Counting!

Jim Bob Duggar Gay Cousin

While the God fearing KKK-hristians known as the Duggar klan are still recovering from Josh Duggar’s scandals last year, there’s a  rumor that another juicy family secret is about to come out.

The Duggars have a GAY family member!

According to a report, “19 Kids and Counting” patriarch Jim Bob Duggar purportedly has a gay cousin who reportedly broke up an engaged couple.

“The unnamed cousin has been to many Duggar family gatherings, including Jessa Seewald’s wedding,” Celeb Dirty Laundry wrote.

“An insider divulged that this person was adopted – but that doesn’t make him any less a family member,” CDL reported in an update.

“The gay Duggar family member enjoys partying and apparently gets pretty wild and even broke up a couple engaged to be married according to the source. . 

“The insider revealed, ‘The  cousin of the Duggar’s came in and stole [my friend’s] boyfriend from her. It was really disgusting.'”

TLC has been cranking up its publicity team this week trying to garner sympathy for the Duggars in hopes of rebooting their show later this season.

News surfaced last week that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar almost split because of the difference in their view on how to handle Josh Duggar’s mistakes. Apparently, the “19 Kids and Counting” patriarch wanted to punish Josh, but his mother doesn’t agree.

“Michelle thought it was so harsh, she was willing to defy her husband and take Josh away from the area,” a source reportedly told In Touch, as quoted by Hollywood Life.

Michelle Duggar thought it was too harsh to punish her son for sexually abusing his sisters and still TLC wants to give them a show just for the ratings. 




Over Hyped Strawman LGBT Anti-discrimination Bill Clears Legislature in Utah, Discrimination Bill Pending‏



After a much over-hyped PR spin Bill SB296 passed he Utah House on Wednesday. The bill itself to will enact Utah’s first statewide non-discrimination protections for the gay and transgender community, while providing safeguards for religious liberty. (ie. MAJOR Religious exemptions)

The bill itself, which bears a close resemblance to the recently failed and much criticized version of ENDA has been much hyped by many major LGBT organizations because to quote Zach Ford of ThinkProgress: “It may be the best Bill that could pass there.”

S.B. 296, however, is far from a perfect bill. It contains a lot of provisions that are unique to the legal climate of Utah that would not translate elsewhere. Given the ubiquitous presence of the Church of Latter-Day Saints (LDS) in Utah, it may be the best bill that could pass there — and is thus better than no protections. Though it does contain some interesting new ideas that could be adapted elsewhere, it is by no means a model for other states to consider.

For example, the bill only protects LGBT people in employment and housing; it does not address public accommodations (e.g. how businesses treat customers). Thus, as a civil rights bill, it pales compared to the more universal protections afforded other classes like race at the national level. It also falls short of the wider array of protections offered by many other states, and the kind of proposals activists hope to soon see introduced in Congress.

The bill also exempts any employers that constitute “a religious organization, a religious corporation sole, a religious association, a religious society, a religious educational institution, or a religious leader, when that individual is acting in the capacity of a religious leader.” Religious leaders are specifically defined as somebody who is an “authorized representative” of a religious organization. The exemption also extends to any corporation or association that is an affiliate or subsidiary of such a religious organization. The Boy Scouts of America (BSA), which is quite prominent in Utah because of LDS support, enjoys its own specific exemption

And now after all the trumpeting and priase from the Human Rights Campaign and Equality Utah who seem to be the only LGBT people in Utah thrilled about this straw-man “anti-discrimination bil” that protects the Mormon’s more than our own community, the Utah legislation is ALSO advancing a seperate “religious freedom” bill (SB297) which allows the church and its related entities to NOT have to recognize ‘LEGAL’ same-sex marriages and allow public employee to discriminate against by refusing to provide equal access to government benefits.

What a royal clusterfuck. And all brought to you by our LGBT organizations who are willing to accept crumbs so it looks like they are doing something.

New Owners of “Newsweek” Magazine Anti-Gay, Believe Homosexuality Can Be Cured


The Guardian has done a piece that looks at  the religious underpinnings of Newsweek magazines new owners Johnathan Davis (left)  and Etienne Uzac (right) .  Davis’ company IBT Media acquired the magazine last year, is a proponent of conversion therapy for gays.

Davis, whose company IBT Media acquired the magazine last year, is apparently a strong proponent of conversion therapy for gays.

In a Facebook post in February 2013, Davis described as “shockingly accurate” an op-ed article written by Christopher Doyle, the director of the International Healing Foundation (IHF) (‘Ex-Gay Pride Month’ last July, which was forcibly cancelled as a result of undisclosed (imaginary) “anti-ex-gay extremism) which works to convert gay people. Davis said it “cuts like a hot knife through a buttery block of lies”.

Doyle, has said  that he was delighted by Davis’s praise. “Considering how much of the media is very gay-friendly, this is a breath of fresh air,” he said.

When asked about his Facebook post in support of Doyle’s work, Davis responded:

Whether I do or not [believe that], I’m not sure how that has any bearing on my capacity here as the founder of the company. I’m not sure how it’s relevant. People believe all sorts of weird things. But from a professional capacity, it’s unrelated.”

Not really.  Especially if you run a news group.  Ask Rupert Murdoch

The Moral Majority Resurrected At The 165,273rd GOP Presidential Debate In New Hampshire

Last night at St. Anselm’s College in New Hampshire the dwindling GOP Presidential nominee candidates met to have their 165,273rd GOP debate hosted by ABC. 

And what a  sniping lie ridden debacle it was with such vile statements hurled about LGBT equality and the refusal to separate church and state one would have thought it was 1980 and Jerry Fawell and the Moral Majority was in full swing once again.

At one point in the evening Diane Sawyer finally after all these debates read a question from a Virginia man about what sort of relationship recognition outside of marriage the candidates would support.

Romney, Perry and Santorum said they back a federal constitutional amendment that would define marriage as between a man and a woman. WMUR Political Director Josh McElveen pressed Santorum on the fact that the Federal Marriage Amendment would invalidate the marriages of 1,800 same-sex couples who have taken advantage of New Hampshire’s marriage equality law since it took effect in Jan. 2010. 
“If the constitution says marriage is between a man and a woman, marriage is between a man and a woman,” he said. “That’s what marriage is – and would be in this country. And those who are not men and women who are married -would not be married. That’s what the Constitution would say.”
But the most surreal moment of the night was when the question was passed to Newt Gingrich expressed his opposition to marriage equality and invoked “the sacrament of marriage.” and did so with a straight face as his third wife, Callista, sat in the audience and applauded and then went into a barage of accusations about the “the left media” and “anti-christian bigotry”
We want to make it possible to have those things that are most intimately human between friends. It is a huge jump from being understanding and considerate and concerned, which we should be, to saying we therefore are going to institute the sacrament of marriage as though it has no basis. e sacrament of marriage was based on a man and a woman, has been for 3,000 years,”
Gingrich specifically knocked a question about whether the assembled  candidates would allow gay couples to adopt.
And there’s a lot more anti-Christian bigotry today than there is concerning  the other side. And none of it gets covered by the news media.  Should the Catholic Church be forced to close its adoption services in  Massachusetts because it won’t accept gay couples, which is exactly what the  state has done? Should the Catholic Church be driven out of providing charitable  services in the District of Columbia because it won’t give in to secular  bigotry? Should the Catholic Church find itself discriminated against by the  Obama administration on key delivery of services because of the bias and the  bigotry of the administration?”
Romney agreed with Gingrich also bringing up Catholic Charities in Massachusetts which closed its adotion services.  But what they didn’t say was that it was a result of the Catholic hierarchy in MA who wanted an exemption from civil rights laws. The board of Catholic Charities voted unanimously to continue performing adoptions and to comply with civil rights laws, but was overruled by the Catholic hierarchy and they forced them to close.
Not to be outdone  Rick Perry took the opportunity to reiterate his support for a Federal Marriage Amendment and his belief that the Obama administration is conducting a war against people of faith.  Among the policies changes to which Perry took exception was the Obama administration’s decision to no longer defend the Defense of Marriage Act in court.
“That is a war against religion, and it’s going to stop under a Perry administration,” the candidate said, receiving applause from the audience.
Jerry Fawell and Ronald Reagan are smiling in Hell.
You can watch the lowlights of last nights GOP debate by clicking here.

Mitt Romney Unveils Plan For Some Lesbian & Gay Americans To Become 3rd Class Citizens!

Oh Mitten’s,  you Mormon moron.  The hits just keep on coming don’t they.

In an interview with the Boston Herald Mitt Romney has unveiled his super duper nifty GOP plan for marriage which will not only have gays and lesbians as second class citizens in the marriage department, but also in some come cases third class citizens as well!

[Romney] expressed support for a constitutional amendment that could create a complex three-tier system of marriage — maintaining marriage rights for straight couples, allowing gays who have already married to remain married, but barring future same-sex marriages. “I think it would keep intact those marriages which had occurred under the law but maintain future plans based on marriage being between a man and a woman,” Romney said.

You know all in all its really disturbing that a Mormon cultists whose magic underwear is too tight and thrice-married philanderers even get the time of day by the Christofascist and Teahadist GOPer base because they spout such utter anti-gay bullshit.

Some days I really wish the Mayan Apoclypse will come to pass in a year…