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Kentucky’s Creation Museum Denies Entry to Gay Couple But Muderers Are Allowed

Last week Jeffrey D. Bornhoeft An Ohio man who killed his ex-wife’s new husband but was found not guilty by reason of insanity in 2000 has been given permission to leave Ohio to visit the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Ky for a trip his father said he is taking because he has become involved with a church since the shooting death.  Bornhoeft had his ex-wife, on the phone as he fired three shots at close range into the back of her new husbands head while he slept then threatened to turn the gun on himself during a three-hour standoff that ended when he surrendered to Lebanon Ohio police. 

Also last week gay couple was denied entry to a “Date Night” event at the Creation Museum as Security Guards at  told one member of gay couple that he and his soon-to-arrive partner were not welcome at the event, because they were gay. and that the event was publicized as being closed to homosexuals (which was a lie).

A party of three (one male/female couple and one man,) arrived at the Creation Museum’s “Date Night” event  fourth member of the party the lone males date another male hadn’t yet arrived, a security guard asked to  fourth member of the party who he assumed was a woman, car looked like to verify his identity when he arrived. When the man informed the guard that his date was another man the security guard snidely told them and told them that the heterosexual couple could gay inside and the gay couple couldn’t.

So Kentucky creationist feel safe and secure that you will be able to rub shoulders with insane murderers as you look at a diorama of Jesus riding a dinosaur but you won;t have to worry about seeing any gay people.