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Oh The Delicious Irony, CPAC Host Hotel Infested With Bedbugs! Bwahahahahaha

Those annoying almost indestructible blood sucking pest called the GOP are meeting thier insect conterpart THE BEDBUG!

Via Wonkette:

The three-legged stool of conservatism is strong and united at CPAC! Yes, as intelligent and alive as a small piece of furniture. However, the stool may not last long, as the hotel they chose, the Marriott Wardham Park, seems to currently be infested with bedbugs. Yes, we knew that, but are there blood-sucking insects there too? Har har har. “I woke up seeing the bed bugs on the bed, on my shirt and even on the bed that I am not using. Unbelievable!!! The hotel staff wasn’t surprised with what happened at all. I will never stay here again,” one visitor wrote recently.

I never thought I would ever feel sorry for a bedbug.  But they’ll be gone soon.  Even bedbugs don’t want to sleep with Chris Barron and Michelle Bachman.