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Covington Catholic Schoolboy Nick Sandman's 250 Million Lawsuit Against The Washington Post Dismissed

ARE WE SHOCKED? – Covington Catholic High School Investigation Finds Students Did Nothing Wrong

Axios reports:

An investigation commissioned by the Diocese of Covington and Covington Catholic High School found no evidence of “racist or offensive statements” by Covington Catholic students during their encounter with Native American activists at the Lincoln Memorial in January.

Investigators were not able to interview either Native American elder Nathan Phillips or Nicholas Sandmann, the student at the center of the incident, in person. The investigation relied on Sandmann’s written account, third-party witness interviews, and statements from other students and chaperones.

The investigation was performed by Greater Cincinnati Investigation Inc, a private detective agency which appears to investigate mostly workplace insurance and is located in Taylor Mills, KY
7 miles from the High School.

GCI report that they found no evidence that the students responded in an offensive manner to the black Hebrew Israelites or that they chanted “build the wall.” After asking chaperones, they performed a school cheer, according to the report, to drown out the black Hebrew Israelites.

They also reported that most boys bought the red hats bearing President Trump’s MAGA slogan in Washington on the day of the March for Life, an annual antiabortion rally that they attended. In previous years, some students bought “Hope” hats in support of President Obama, the report says.

The report does not provide any recommendations for future changes, such as banning political attire or changes to chaperone protocol. Many people were critical that the adults in charge of the students did not intervene more forcefully to avoid or end the interactions.

The report also does not address underlying issues of diversity at the school that were raised by local NAACP leader Jerome Bowles and others.

Perhaps The National Congress of American Indians should open an investigation.

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Donald Trump: Covington Catholic Students Are Symbols Of Fake News!

Donald Trump: Covington Catholic Students Are Symbols Of Fake News!

You knew it was coming.

Via The Washington Post 

After a weekend marked by bitter recriminations over race and political bias, with the nation transfixed by viral videos depicting a confrontation between a crowd of Catholic schoolboys and a Native American elder, calls went out Monday — the federal holiday celebrating the life of Martin Luther King Jr. — for restraint.

But for President Trump, the dispute was not to be missed. It offered red meat to a president who has eagerly stoked the culture wars, while seizing every opportunity to discredit the media.

He has made the NFL one of his chief antagonists because of players who kneel during the national anthem to protest police violence, sending approval of the league plummeting among Republicans. He accused the media of misrepresenting his views after the deadly 2017 “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, for which he blamed “both sides.”

Here is that same school in black face screaming an African American opponent at a high school basketball game. – Confirmed by SNOPES

Covington, KY Mayor Joe Meyer: "Bigotry, Discrimination and Hatred Won't Be Tolerated"

Covington, KY Mayor Joe Meyer: “Bigotry, Discrimination and Hatred Won’t Be Tolerated”

Via The River City News

Two days before the holiday honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., an intense discussion took place following breakfast at a Catholic church in Covington’s urban core. 

The crowd listened as five courageous young women talked candidly about growing up in Northern Kentucky being, as it were, a bi-racial student in high school, an African-American of Jewish faith, an African-American of Muslim faith, a Mexican immigrant, and the Kentucky-born daughter of Mexican immigrants. 

I left the church feeling buoyant: Over the years, the City of Covington has taken strong stances on issues pertaining to diversity, and here were people in Covington taking a leadership role in continuing to discuss issues of race, discrimination, and favoritism. 

I felt very proud of this City’s commitment to being a place of opportunity for all people. 

But my feelings of pride were soon tempered. I learned that Covington was being linked across the nation to intolerance and ethnic intimidation. Why? Because teens from a local high school were filmed surrounding and mocking native Americans participating in the Indigenous Peoples’ March in Washington D.C. The disrespect shown to a Native American elder, who happens to be a Vietnam Veteran, was particularly offensive. 

Videos of the confrontation are disturbing, discouraging, and – frankly – appalling. And they are rightfully inspiring a tidal wave of condemnation, even on the City of Covington’s own social sites, leaving the impression that these are the values of the City of Covington.

Yes, the ironic thing – as people keep pointing out to me – is that the school isn’t even located within Covington. But that’s not the point. 

The point is that because of the actions of people who live in Northern Kentucky, our region is being challenged again to examine our core identities, values, and beliefs. Regardless of what exact town we live in, we need to ask ourselves whether behavior like this DOES represent who we are and strive to be. Is this what our schools teach? Are these the beliefs that we as parents model and condone? 

Is this the way we want the rest of the nation and the world to see us? 

In answer, let me – as Covington’s mayor – be absolutely clear: No. The videos being shared across the nation do NOT represent the core beliefs and values of this City. 

Covington is a diverse community, in areas of race, national origin, ethnicity, religious preference, sexual orientation, and income

  • We are one of the few cities in Kentucky with a Human Rights Ordinance that protects ALL people, including those with diverse gender identities and sexual orientation. And we have urged our fellow cities in Northern Kentucky to follow our lead. 
  • In fact, this past summer I joined Covington’s police chief leading Northern Kentucky’s Pride Parade. City vehicles drove in the parade, and department heads marched with a banner proudly proclaiming our beliefs. 
  • The City also is led by elected officials and top administrators at the highest level who represent the diverse makeup of Covington. The people who make decisions here are not homogenous in racial background, ethnicity, age, gender, religious beliefs, or sexual orientation. Far from it. 
  • We welcome the recent opening of the Esperanza Latino Center in Covington as a resource center for all of our residents with roots south of the Rio Grande, and I was proud to attend their opening ceremony. 
  • We financially support our local Human Rights Commission and take seriously any complaints received. 
  • Our police and other public safety officials enforce the law fairly across the board on behalf of all people. 
  • And by our ordinances and by the implementation of programs, we have made it clear that all people should enjoy the opportunity for a good and successful life. 

No, we’re not perfect. More progress needs to be made, and we will continue to work diligently on making it. In the meantime, Covington is proud of being a welcoming City where bigotry, discrimination, and hatred will not be tolerated. – Mayor Joe Meyer